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CM Club - WWYD if mindee had no shoes

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looneytune Mon 01-Oct-07 07:08:40

Morning all

2 mindees (siblings) arrived at 6.45am and having searched the bag to sort clothes etc, I now have a socks or tights for either of SHOES for 2 yr old.

We're supposed to be going to toddler group today but I don't think we can now without the older one having shoes.

We'll manage otherwise as I've got spare socks upstairs so they can both wear some that are too big if necessary, just a pain about lack of shoes as it means I'll have to keep toddler in the pram when I take/collect ds and also when I get other mindee this afternoon.

I can't really call them to come back as they would have been on the motorway about 5/10 mins after dropping off.

WWYD if this happened? Luckily we should be ok today although it means I'll have to carry toddler to and from car. However sometimes I need them to walk and then I would have been stuck.

becksmummy Mon 01-Oct-07 07:23:46

Morning, I dont have the answer for you but I had a similar problem last week!

I had to ring mindees mum as she had dropped of mindee at 7am still in her bed clothes but when I checked through her bags she hadnt left any clothes at all (and mindee is 7 so I take her to school, couldnt take her in her pj's!!!)

Luckily I noticed within minutes so she hadnt got very far when I phoned her to come back, hope you manage ok today!

KaySamuels Mon 01-Oct-07 07:23:49

Oh god whtever next! Can you go out and get some and bill the parents for them?!
I often toy with the idea of buying a few spare items of clothing in different sizes bu would never think about shoes being forgotten!
Do you know what size she is, then you could ring round people with similar ages and borrow a pair for the day?

Ghostashoshabuster Mon 01-Oct-07 07:28:53

I would phone them anyway, tell then they have to come back for shoes, and from now on you will check fore they leave blardy ridiculous.

bonkerz Mon 01-Oct-07 07:42:19

i had this situation alot when i was minding, mainly from the one parent. She would drop off with no coat, shoes, and never left any spare clothes.
Doesnt help much for today i know BUT i did go out and buy cheap outfit, coat and also shoes. These stayed at mine ALWAYS and if they were needed and worn i made sure i took them BEFORE mindee went home!!

mumlove Mon 01-Oct-07 07:45:18

Do you have any spare wellies that your son has outgrown? Wellies is the only footware that I have kept for the mindees to use.

looneytune Mon 01-Oct-07 09:45:26

Becksmummy - OMG at NO clothes!! Well yes, you had to call them back really didn't you.

KaySamuels - I do actually have spare clothes etc. as that's luckily how I got some socks for them (otherwise their poor feet would have been cold this morning!). Unfortunately I don't have spare shoes, well, I may have some old ones of ds's but they are in the loft and I can't get in without dh opening it (it's a funny old thing) plus no time to shoot up there at last min (plus wouldn't leave the kids anyway). I COULD have gone out and bought new shoes but for one day I'm not bothering.

Ghostashoshabuster - I didn't notice til after they'd already be on the motorway and it would have taken ages to get down that junction, turn round, go home and come back here. I know I should be more assertive. I'll add something into the newsletter I'm doing saying that any important items forgotten will result in a phone call and them being sent home to get what's needed! That way, I've put it in writing and then feel I can call and follow this through! Loving the name btw wink

bonkerz - yeah, this is why I do have spares of everything else. BUT....buying spare shoes is something else. They are not as cheap plus this age grow so fast, by the time they forget again, they could be in the next size. I would only put children in shoes that fit properly as otherwise it can be worse than having no shoes (I was bought up to only buy Clarkes shoes and always wear the right fitting! wink)

mumlove - I may well get some spare wellies for when I really need them as I suppose you can always put extra pairs of socks on if needed.

For today though, we'll manage but I will be having words!!!!

MaureenMLove Mon 01-Oct-07 09:58:26

I 'steal' the spare set out of the bag at the begining of the week, if they haven't been used! Then, if there's things missing in the bag for the rest of the week, I've got stuff to put them in.

On the shoe front, I keep wellies of all ages and just hope that i don't get two on the same day without shoes with the same sized feet! I keep dd's old raincoats too, so I've got 0 - 10 sizes.

looneytune Mon 01-Oct-07 10:22:20

Ok but wear on earth do you store them all? I've got no room which is why ds's old stuff is in the loft but it's not somewhere I can get to at last min. Suppose I could get sizes relevant now and then change them as and when they grow.

MaureenMLove Mon 01-Oct-07 10:28:42

wellies are in the cupboard under the stairs and raincoats are in a wicker box, in the porch, along with various sizes of hats, scaves and gloves! Spare set of clothes, just kinda hang around for the week. Mostly on the radiator1

StrawberryMartini Mon 01-Oct-07 10:50:41

I would have definitely called them back. It really restricts what you can do today. But then I'm probably too mean.

Ghostashoshabuster Mon 01-Oct-07 10:55:06

I have a wooden unit that toy boxes slot in, from argos, by my front door.

Each child has a box in name on it, the parents put in it two changes of clothes winter kit and a spare pair of shoes.

Saves alot of hassle. But you do have to have the room.

looneytune Mon 01-Oct-07 10:59:54

Yeah...that's the problem....I DON'T have the room I'd have to get rid of some stuff from the playroom and put them in there instead of toys but that would be no good. Will have a think about making some space somewhere but really, a LOT of my house is already using up space for childminding things, that's without the playroom. Dh won't be happy if it totally takes up the house again like at the last place!

MaureenMLove Mon 01-Oct-07 11:32:51

How about then, doing a reminder for everyone, that you need a shoe bag type bag, like they have at school for pe kits, with change of clothes including footwear every Monday and you will return it on Friday. TBH, I don't think this particular incident will happen again, parents will be mortified that they did it this time! I've only actually got 4 pairs of wellies. Lik you said, you can fill the space with socks, if you're desparate. Have you got a porch?

Ghostashoshabuster Mon 01-Oct-07 12:13:45

We have those boxes that fit under beds with spare clothes, although mine fit under the play table.

I know what you mean, cant wait to move so that the front hall can be used as a hall not a childrens cloak room (going to have a big Utility so can put it all out there)

saltire Mon 01-Oct-07 12:18:48

Mindee 1 that I used to have in Scotland (remember him, the subject of many a thread) often used to turn up with no shoes, or more usually no coat, or a cold day and he would be in shorts and never any spare clothes. One more than one occasion I had to wash what he was wearing, and pop it in tumble dryer whilst he wore a set of mine, and then i changed him before his mum came to collect

looneytune Mon 01-Oct-07 14:23:59

Mo - I'll think about doing something like that soon. For now, I have managed to get a pair of shoes that fit her for £3. Probably won't need them again but at least I've got them for others if they forget. I'd prefer to get a collection of wellies as that way, it's not so fitted iyswim so more usage. Yes I have a porch but it's TINY. Used to have a hall at old house which was MUCH better.

StrawberryMartini - yeah, I'm too bloomin soft that's my problem. And the longer you're like this with a family, the harder it is to change. Once I've done the newsletter I'll feel I can send them back. Not really missed out on outdoor play because of the shoes as it's a rubbish day anyway and they have no raincoats (I only have 1 spare)

Ghostashoshabuster - got nowhere to put one of those Utility sounds great grin

saltire - nightmare, that's one good thing about moving eh wink

Must dash on the school run now, at least I can keep her feet dry now

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