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Do all childminders charge for hols?

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sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:13:01

I just wanted to know if it is standrad practice for childminders to charge parents for when they go on holiday and for public holidays?

PillockOfTheCommunity Wed 26-Sep-07 22:13:38

mine doesn't, but I think most do

prettybird Wed 26-Sep-07 22:14:57


dramaqueen Wed 26-Sep-07 22:14:59

No, mine doesn't either. My dh is self employed and he doesn't charge his customers when he is on holiday so why should a cm?

fihi Wed 26-Sep-07 22:15:55

our contract is that if we're away, we pay; if cm is away, we don't. and nobody i have heard of including nurseries charge for bank hols, assuming they're closed and not providing a service!

kidsrus Wed 26-Sep-07 22:16:18

Hi sheep girl.
I charge for the parents holiday but not for mine .
Because the place is still availble when parents are away but not available when i'm away.
Some childminders charge half fee for both
Why do you ask?

ChasingSquirrels Wed 26-Sep-07 22:17:52

mine doesn't for holidays, I pay a retainer when we are away (or the kids are sick etc). She doesn't charge for BH's either.

I have never heard of a nursery that DOESN'T charge BH's - they all seem to be a monthly fee that is the same whatever.

sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:19:46

I am not sure what to do. I think it is a bloody cheek that she is asking for me to pay for her when she is on hol. I agree with you dramaqueen as far as I am concerned CMs are self-employed and just not charge if they are not working. Don't know what to do she is very good and I like her but can't believe she expects almost £1000 out of me for nothing!!!! Is this neogitable?????

kidsrus Wed 26-Sep-07 22:21:46

talk to her but don't forget you still get paid for your holiday so why shouldn't she?

ChasingSquirrels Wed 26-Sep-07 22:21:59

it should be in the contract that you signed when you started with her - what does that say?

sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:23:53

I get paid for annual leave because I am an employee. CMs are self emplyed, so just like when a shop is shut it doesn't make any money why should she? Fair enough if I go on holiday but why should I pay for her hols???

MrsWeasley Wed 26-Sep-07 22:24:43

I am a CM and dont charge if I'm not available. I do charge parents if they are away and they want me to hold the place open for them. But I usually work Term Time were possible so this problem is rare.

It should be listed on the contract that you should have signed with the CM. Even if it is you can still ask her to review it. A lot of parents couldnt afford this and the cost of replacement childcare whilst CM away.

Good luck.

MaureenMLove Wed 26-Sep-07 22:24:56

Bit off imo. How many weeks holiday has she given herself?

sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:24:57

I am at the contract stage and just read through it and was horrified to see what she had put down under payment.

KristinaM Wed 26-Sep-07 22:25:59

our nursery doesnt charge for bank holidays when they are closed. they charge if they are open and you can send your child there

LittleBella Wed 26-Sep-07 22:27:28

No none of mine ever had.

I think it's because there are loads of them round here though. Lots of competition.

PeachesMcLean Wed 26-Sep-07 22:27:35

I really don't agree with the "you get paid for my holidays so why shouldn't the CM." Cos the CM is self employed. I pay for the place, if the place isn't available, why should I pay. I'm salaried, I get an annual pay split over 12 months. My plumber has to budget for when he's on holiday, and presumably charges accordingly, bearing in mind what the market can bear.
Rant over. Sorry, in a bit of a bad mood, but it's still what I think.

sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:28:27

CM has given herself 4 wks hol and has I say contract not been signed yet.

fishie Wed 26-Sep-07 22:28:28

i pay 50 weeks a year. that is the place that my child has. it includes bank hols and my hols. it is less two weeks in august. cm also has one week at easter and xmas.

ChasingSquirrels Wed 26-Sep-07 22:28:34

ah I see - well try and negotiate, I agree on the employee thing, but as a self employed individual she can set her own terms - and you either accept them, try to re-negotiate, or go somewhere else.
I guess you weigh up the pro's and con's and also consider whether you could take your hols at the same time.

MaureenMLove Wed 26-Sep-07 22:28:42

Well, thats a start I suppose, at least you aren't contract bound yet. Has she been minding long? You could reason with her that if her service is unavailable, not only would you have to pay her, you would also have to seek alternative care, so in effect you're paying twice.

kidsrus Wed 26-Sep-07 22:28:47

just thinking £1000 for 4 weeks thats alot whats she charging an hour?

CarGirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:29:58

No I don't think it is that standard, even here in Surrey where many childminders do charge an awful lot per hour - £6/£7 but they factor in their leave to their hourly charge IYSWIM

motherinferior Wed 26-Sep-07 22:35:00

Mine charges half rate and I have absolutely no problem with that - and I'm self-employed too, as it happens. My arrangement with my CM is effectively that of having an employee, as she's looked after my children for the past six years - it's very different from the daily rate work I undertake from time to time. And also, I charge a lot more by the day than she does. She's £31 a day. I'm more like ten times that.

sheepgirl Wed 26-Sep-07 22:36:32

It seems most people are in agreement with me then. I will call her tmrw and ask whether we can reach a compromise...I have 3 wks left before returning to work and this is already my second shot at a CM angry

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