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Mindee hurting own child

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StrawberryMartini Mon 24-Sep-07 19:23:38

Hi as some of you know I've taken on a 4 year old boy in the afternoons and will soon have two of them. SO far mindee has been getting on very well with ds who is not yet 17 months. Mindee wants to hold ds's hand, kick ball to him, make him laugh etc.

But there have been a couple of occasions when they have been on their own (for a matter of seconds of course), and ds has started crying like he's been hurt. It happened today again and I managed to get out of mindee that he had pushed ds's hand out of the way as ds was messing up his game. There were red marks on his wrist and later I noticed a scratch on his face.

Overall I'm quite happy with this boy and his behaviour - apart from this. I did say to him today that if it happens again I would tell his father. But should I have told him anyway? Should I have written it in the incident book? By the time ds went to bed the marks were gone and he was quite happy so I know it wasn't too vicious.

I will obviously try not to leave them alone together in the future.

Am I overreacting? It was the first time ds has been properly 'hurt' by another child and I'm quite upset about it - guess I'd better get used to it as he grows up!

Any advice welcome.

dustystar Mon 24-Sep-07 19:26:28

Do you have a list of house rules at all?
If so you could remind mindee how people are expected to treat each other at your house.

I think its best to let this incident go but if it happens again make a note of it and mention it to the parents. Its not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen but its best sorted out quickly.

PinkChick Mon 24-Sep-07 20:39:25

write an accident/incident report out and get parents to sign
tell them it seems to be a reuccuring problem and you will have to monitor it.
speak to the child ask him why he does this to you lo
get the parent ot warn offf their child and explain hitting is not good

child is testing boundries and picking on the weaker child, maybe he's attention seeking?, maybe he's getting treat that way at home/school?

either way(from experience, i know!) this does need monitoring and nipping in bud!

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