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CM CLUB:Self assement probs

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PinkChick Tue 18-Sep-07 09:39:47

filled my S.A in in May unsure wether id done it righthmmblush as it was my first one and i was hearing all diff things about what to declare and what not too..being that end of Sept they all have to be in i rang IR yesterday to check they had actually received it as have heard NOTHING from them in the four months, after many phone calls i find out my SA was recieved but they are 'behind' getting them sorted out and at minute, only working through the ones they received 16th April!!!!!!!!
Soooo..if i DO owe them anything which is doubtful, am i able to 'add' it onto next years tax code(ive been told this by another s.e person) or would i have to pay up straightaway?

thebumcleaner Tue 18-Sep-07 19:59:48

You don't have to pay straight away, and in effect have a year to pay as you can still file for this year for quite a while yet.

They are very behind, and if they said nothing to pay when you did the form, then that is probably right. We were talking about this today as not heard anything either.

PinkChick Tue 18-Sep-07 20:20:31

well i was under my allowance of which to pay?, but just wonderd wether the nasty men in big black macs come and rifle through your paprework looking for something to trip you up on??wink

Shoshable Tue 18-Sep-07 20:33:14

Pink next year do it on line you get the amount to pay straight way.

you do need to register with SA before and get a password and user name.

PinkChick Wed 19-Sep-07 10:00:33

i tried to do it online this time, but dont know if it was my computer or their site, but it kept letting me enter so much then saying 'page cannot be displayed'??, so had to give up after about 30 attempts!

Shoshable Wed 19-Sep-07 11:24:04

it was there site did it to me s well

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