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Help me need work immdiately.

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mum2oliver Mon 17-Sep-07 21:00:44

I dont have any mindees and Im now feeling the atrin.Its been 2 weeks with none.I knew I wouldnt but didnt comtemplate certain things Id need to pay out ie my ddis 6months,weather changing and clothes are all summer.Got out ds trousers from Jan and Feb purchases and all too short.Will be looking after my best friends baby in Oct/Nov who will be doing supply teaching.She is skint so cant give me a retainer fee!
Min wage poo ass just looked up cleaning jobs.

nannynick Tue 18-Sep-07 00:00:01

Where are you located? Where have you tried advertising so far? If you haven't spoken to your local CIS for over 2 weeks, always worth calling them to remind them of vacancies you have - they can at least then make sure your details are correct and update ChildcareLink (if you have opted to be listed there).

looneytune Tue 18-Sep-07 13:10:16

just bumped up thread with some tips, here's the link

KaySamuels Wed 19-Sep-07 10:59:22

There are some great tips on the advertising thread. Things I do when low on funds - have a clear out and sell on ebay; post wanteds on freecycle ie kids clothes, etc; look in local paper at classified ads for anything I need, challenge myself to only buy esentials for a week and live off freezer and cupboard hoardings.

Also in my area they are crying out for creche bank staff, it is really well paid and flexible (I know a cm doing it 2hrs a day while her dd at nursery sesssion), why not call early years team and see if they have anything like this. smile

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