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Taxes for nannies -- who pays?

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Tricey Mon 17-Sep-07 19:20:53

In a nanny-share, who pays taxes? What about a foreign-national nanny who is sponsered by one employer but shared by another? Cheers.

eleusis Mon 17-Sep-07 21:54:43

Pay her in gross. Subtract taxes from her wages. Is a foreign nanny eligible to work for two employers? Or doesher visa specify the employer? Simply asking as I have no ide.

jura Tue 18-Sep-07 06:16:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tricey Tue 18-Sep-07 10:08:44

Thanks for that. Really new to alot of the terms and varying types of childecare providers here. As for the 'sponsoring' I'm referring to some of the people who are here from overseas, etc., on work visas, etc.; I think they need to be sponsored to acheive the visa. Maybe someone can correct this if it's incorrect. : ) Cheers.

eleusis Tue 18-Sep-07 10:36:24

If you get some from the EU, they don't require any visa or sponsorship. They are free to go work in any EU country they want. (except for some restriction on some of the ascension countries). Also, young poeple who are citizens of commonwealth countries (Canada,New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and many more...) can get a working holiday visa where they can enter the country for two years, and work for one. They get this visa themselves and you have no responsibility for sponsoring them. Speaking of which, sponsoring someone, can be quite a big respobsibility -- one I would not be prepared to take on.

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