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Quick Q about nanny bringing own child

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WindyAnna Mon 17-Sep-07 15:31:21

Hi all

I have a clause in my nanny contract of employment that states that "the salary will not be reduced to compensate for the fact that the Nanny brings her own child to work. However this arrangement can be subject to review at any time."

I've been advised to put this in as it allows me the chance to reduce the salary if I don't believe that the care my DD is getting is up to the level that I expect. Is this unreasonable?


Millarkie Mon 17-Sep-07 15:47:09

My first thoughts are that in the event that you decided that your dd is not getting the attention that you expect would you be happier to simply reduce nanny's pay? I would have thought that if you want dd to have more attention then you would ask nanny to find alternative childcare for her child but keep the pay the same?? In which case it would be clearer to put something into the contract which says 'it is understood that nanny may bring her child <name> to work with her - however this arrangement is subject to review.'

Unusual not to reduce the salary when nanny has their own child (although I've heard of people doing it when they employed the nanny before the mat. leave). I paid my nanny about 80% of the normal rate because she brought her child with her - because there needed to be some compensation to make up for the additional hassles in my opinion.

eleusis Mon 17-Sep-07 17:57:34

Eh? Why in God's name would you put that in your contract? Does nanny have a child she is bringing? If not and she gets pregnant you will then be obligated to accept child?

No no no no no.... that's my gut reaction.

Of course you would revise the salary if she was bringing a baby. Duh! You don't need that sentence to have the right to reduce the salary.

Is she pregnant? Wh otold you to put that in?

NAB3 Mon 17-Sep-07 18:01:26

The clause says it will not be reduced....?

eleusis Mon 17-Sep-07 18:05:29

And write a fixed term contract! If you start out with say a fixed term contract for 12 months. That way you have no obligation to continue it when it expires.

NAB3 Mon 17-Sep-07 18:06:01

Not forgetting the notice period and instant dismissal offences.

eleusis Mon 17-Sep-07 18:11:03

Oh, and a probation period of not less than 3 months whereby either of you can terminate the contract without reason with one weeks notice.

eleusis Mon 17-Sep-07 18:15:07

How about "any children not descended from employer will not be in nanny's care during contracted hours of employment unless employer agrees to arrangement in advance and in writing". grin

Millarkie Mon 17-Sep-07 18:35:45

I thought WindyAnna was employing a nanny who was definately bringing her own child (from the thread title) rather than one who may get pg after employment.

I'm waiting to get flamed for admitting that I reduced a nanny's salary for bringing her child along wink.

NAB3 Mon 17-Sep-07 19:00:53

You should reduce the money if she is bringing her own child, or in leiu.

NAB3 Mon 17-Sep-07 19:05:01


WindyAnna Tue 18-Sep-07 10:39:22

Thanks for replies.

I am employing a nanny temporarily (for 6 months) who is bringing her own child. When I took her on she was hoping to be able to leave child with someone else but that has fallen through so she is bringing baby along. The original offer letter and contract states a salary but that was based on 1-2-1 care, it now isn't at the same level.

I am now re-drafting contract for fact she is bringing own child and have had advice on a number of clauses I should put in there ... things like the child can be brought along only if care of my DD will not be compromised, clauses about illness of either my child or her child and so on. The pay one I'm not sure about what is normal, I have agreed will pay her same salary and see how it goes(I am probably being a bit stupid here but I do feel for her).

I know that it is not unusual to reduce salary for nanny bringing own child as it is a different level of care - for example some activities will be restricted as not suitable for young baby as well as toddler. So that is why had advice that I should put in clause where I reserve the right to reduce the salary so there can be no complaints if I decide to do it. TBH for a six month temp. contract there would be no right to tribunal I don't think but I want to be fair.

I'm already having some probs with this nanny - lovely lady but struggling to cope with lively toddler and 4 month old baby of her own - so we are monitoring situation. Lots of advice on another post on this board about this.

My full time nanny is on maternity leave and will be bringing her baby with her for part of the time when she returns so I need to vary her contract as well. I'm not so worried about her - she knows and loves DD and we are keeping in touch, her baby will be older when she returns, DD will be older, and we have already had the money conversation and agreed no reduction but no annual pay rise either.

Thanks again for advice - now I've clarified any further advice would be lovely - ta!


Millarkie Tue 18-Sep-07 12:54:42

When I employed a nanny with her own child I did not add much extra to the standard contract. I did make it clear that he could eat the same food/drink as my children. I also provided a lot of baby equipment (high chair, travel cot for naps, double buggy). I didn't put in anything about what should happen if her child was ill - I did make it clear that if my children were off colour (not well enough for school but well enough not to need me at home) then she would be expected to look after them.
On the couple of occasions that her child was ill (heavy colds) she brought him with her - as she didn't want to leave him with her dp/mum as she thought that would be unfair to them. Since she also had the colds it was pretty likely that my children were going to catch them anyway!

Things which I wish I had talked about/put in contract but hadn't realised that they might happen :

Baby should come with nanny when nanny arrives and leave when nanny leaves (my nanny had a complex arrangement where baby would be driven to our house or she would drive to get baby in the morning and then baby would be picked up by her dp or dropped off by her in pm - this meant 1) my petrol bill was enormous, 2)my youngest spent a lot of time in the car 3)her dp was often at my house (not an individual whom I would want around my children)

If her baby has health checks then they need to be organised for when both of my children were in school/pre-school if possible to avoid dd being bored at health centre.

That she takes stinky nappies home with her or takes them to an outdoor bin - that one is cheeky I know - but other people's baby's nappies stink and I got fed up of my house smelling so bad when I came home!

And as I mentioned below - I reduced the salary - mainly to compensate for things like wear and tear to house (her ds destroyed 2 speakers, our cordless phone and a number of other things), and for the limits in activities (eg. no swimming because of 3rd child, no ballet for dd)

WindyAnna Tue 18-Sep-07 16:45:38

Thanks for that - really useful!

It isn't just about pay, if I felt the care was deficient (spelling?) then I would get rid but if the matter is simply that the care is acceptable but that DD is only getting the attention she would get with a nanny share (for example) then why would I want to pay a premium for care.

Many thanks for all replies - v helpful as always


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