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CM Advice please!!!

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pol26 Sat 15-Sep-07 00:10:12

ok. So I had a call on Monday re: vacancies and so lady came round with her DD on Tues to see us and we talked things through.

Her DD did 4 hrs this afternoon and went well. Agreed to continue but her hours are all over atm so few and far between.

THEN: told me that she had realised when she had said her DD went to Northlands pre school, she didn't realise the one down the road from me was Northlands park pre school too. It seems we both had our wires crossed! She said it was only a 5/10 mins bus journey etc... but has got me worrying now.

I simply can't get on the bus at school time with two 3 yr olds (who are tired and tantrum-y)esp. my DD!) and my DS in a buggy. I think her DD is used to a buggy too so it would mean buying a double if we were to walk and its a 30 min walk - at a grown up speed. I guess I know my answer already, really. (since we have moved DH has to have the car for work too)

What can I do...? This was all said AFTER we had signed contracts etc... I have given a 2 week trial period though.

SittingBull Sat 15-Sep-07 07:27:00

Message withdrawn

KaySamuels Sat 15-Sep-07 08:39:28

Yes why not be very honest and upfront, you have both got your wires crossed which is no ones fault if they both have the same name. Tell the mum you will give it a go but if it doesn't work out will let her know a week in.

ThePrisoner Sat 15-Sep-07 13:59:07

If you already know that you are not going to be able to do it, I don't think I'd even try it. I certainly wouldn't relish doing a bus trip with small, grumpy children!

I know that you've signed contracts, but you are obviously still within a trial period, and as one of the most important facts is actually wrong (the school), then I would think you are well within your rights to cancel it.

PinkChick Sat 15-Sep-07 14:04:43

TBH i wouldnt put yourself and your own children under the stress of the two weeks, it already sounds too difficult, speak to her and say when you've looked at it properly, theres no way you can do this and maybe pass on another cm's number or childcare plus number to be helpful?good luck

lololola Sat 15-Sep-07 19:00:01

agree with pinkchick

looneytune Sat 15-Sep-07 19:30:08

Agree, don't bother, genuine mistake!

maximummummy Sat 15-Sep-07 19:46:56

i think it sounds like too much stress and hassle - is it really worth it for the money you'll get ?

pol26 Sat 15-Sep-07 22:12:59

Thank you ladies.

I drove down there today and is DEF too far for my DD to walk and she is a good walker for nearly 3.

It is just too far.

She has encouraged me to put my DD's name down for her school - saying it's better than the one we had planned and that even tho we are out of the catchment because I have a minded child there it may get her in.

I know in my heart of hearts it's just wrong. It's too far and I agree that I mind to benefit my children and this adds no benefit. I will have to go there and back and there and back everyday with my two... who will be v.grumpy!!!

I'm just trying to justify it to myself. Which is silly because I know i'm right.

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