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CM Club: Advice about my own DS this time - FOOD!!

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looneytune Fri 14-Sep-07 11:23:01


Well, I still have baby napping so thought I'd ask for some advice about my ds. I was going to put this in either the parenting or food section but I thought I'd try you clever lot first as you've probably been through this more than me.

Ds is 4 and a half and always been a good eater, not into too much junk food, drinks water blabla, all very good. Since around the time we got back from holiday, he seems to have gone off a lot of things, especially cooked vegetables.

I've been very lucky to have only had 1 fussy eater before but she was a lot younger.

My lunchtime problem is all he ever wants to eat for lunch is either cheese or cheese and marmite sandwiches. He's fine with the same old wholemeal bread, just the filling becoming more of a problem. We try new things every now and then and he has times when he's a lot more adventurous but most of the time, he will not eat the sandwich if it's not cheese and marmite (we do cheese on toast and he's fine with that, pita bread he's fine with, it's just sandwich fillings). He's good with other stuff he has on his plate with it: carrot sticks, cucumber chunks, bits of sliced up ham or chicken (but won't eat these in the sarnie), tomato chunks, cold pasta salad, every now and then he'll eat some lettuce leaves. Oh....and he's better when he helps make the lunch but still, he tries to get out of putting anything in his sarnie that's not got cheese in.

Dinner time - he'll ALWAYS ask for 'something with rice and beans'. The rice is wholegrain and I know beans aren't that bad but he will no longer eat up his mashed potato/new potato/carrots/broccoli, sometimes he eats his peas, baby corn etc but other times he won't.

I don't want to make a huge fuss and cause meal time arguements as attention is only going to make it worse. I try new things from time to time but most of the time it's YUCK and then he moans he's hungry.

Any idea's???? New meal idea's??? Idea's of how to deal with this? has finally woken up so I best go but TIA

looneytune Fri 14-Sep-07 16:07:16

no magic wands then?

ju Fri 14-Sep-07 17:47:59

Looney, sorry for delay in replying.

You are doing the Right Thing by not making a fuss.

Perfectly annoying normal for them to take sandwich apart and only eat filling <grrr>

Alternative suggestions - have you thought of serving dips with carrot stix/cucumber/pitta bread strips?

And there is always the option of occasionally serving fish fingers with smiley faces.

It's a very trying time, but please take heart, it's just a PITA phase

Hope you dont mind me using my new toy

looneytune Fri 14-Sep-07 18:06:36

Thanks mate.

He won't eat the ham from inside a sandwich, just if I shred it (into little wormies wink). I've tried tuna and chicken with and without mayo with no joy Should I just let him have the cheese sandwich if he's eating all the other bits?

As for dips, tried a couple of times but he's like 'yuck, sauce' annoying bratgrin

As for smiley faces, if he'd eat them should I really do that?? hmm What about toddler mindee? Maybe I could occasionally give them on Thurs/Fri when no mindees stay for dinner!

Anyone got any recipe idea's? I know we have some on the childminder website we did but can't remember the address????

By the way, your new toy is fucking --brilliant --very good

ju Fri 14-Sep-07 18:15:17

looney I have had a huge laugh at your post !! Lol

Hmmm smiley faces when no mindees is good, otherwise carry on as you are. His diet sounds fine, really, it's the lack of variety but children like repetition don't they arse.

Cheese sandwiches are boring fine

Will he start school next September? Because if so then school meals are a Good Thing (I speak from experience, DS2 will not eat my beautifully prepared food but yuts his school meals with gusto toerag)

looneytune Fri 14-Sep-07 18:37:18

I've got him sat down to home made burger, one baby potato chopped into tiny pieces, peas and green beans and raw carrot. He's started with the carrot so maybe some raw veg could be an option, better than no veg. TV is on and he knows if he doesn't try a bit of potato, it comes off (all said calm) and he said he will eat it - we will see hmm

Oh....I messed up on the brilliant, never mind! grin

Actually, he starts school in Jan so as a mum, I'm not bothered about the same food too much as I know he has lots of other good food. It's the mindee thing that worries me. Toddler mindee is 2.2 atm but was getting worried in case she starts having major bloomin toddler fit protesting about the fact he's given the same thing every day, why can't she. I suppose I can always cross that bridge if it comes to it.

Thanks for your help

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