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would you let a 14 year old babysit your toddler?

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nappyaddict Fri 14-Sep-07 11:02:39

my mum normally has my ds whilst i am at work but she is going on holiday next week last minute and i need to sort something out. she suggested a family friend's daughter who is 14. she knows ds well and often takes him to the park when i need an hour or two to get jobs done. the idea is she will finish school, come straight here and my dad will take over at 5pm. she's very sensible and would know to phone me in an emergency.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 14-Sep-07 11:04:37

I think I would...

Hulababy Fri 14-Sep-07 11:04:49

How old is your toddler?

How long will they be home aloone?

You say that this girl already takes your toddler to the park for an hour or so - presumably alone? I can't see this is any different to be honest. If you trust her to be able to cope at the park I am sure she will be fine at home too.

I used to babysit for baby and toddler cousins, and my little sister, from being 13.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Fri 14-Sep-07 11:06:30

my 14 year old sister regularly babysits my dc's. If she's sensible and trustworthy as you say Im sure she'll be fine for a couple of hours..

looneytune Fri 14-Sep-07 11:07:43

Oh yeah.....especially if it was my cousin! It's about the person imo, not the age. Go with your instincts! wink

Gobbledigook Fri 14-Sep-07 11:08:21

No I wouldn't.

MamaG Fri 14-Sep-07 11:08:41


nappyaddict Fri 14-Sep-07 11:09:39

it would be for about 1 hour and a half if dad gets back on time to maybe 3 hours depending if dad gets held up at work which is always a possibility with last minute meetings.

nappyaddict Fri 14-Sep-07 11:10:32

oh and ds is 14 and a half months.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 14-Sep-07 11:10:35

i usedto babysit for my next door neighbor from 12 (8 years ago) she had a 5 yo a 3 yo and a 1 yo. i did fine!

i would say go for it if your ds likes her and shes trustworthy (obv. or she wouldnt be able to take him to the park, no?)

snowleopard Fri 14-Sep-07 11:13:55

I used to do it myself when I was 14, but looking back as a parent, I think I was under-informed. I would trust a sensible 14-year-old, but I'd want to run through some basic first-aid and safety stuff with them, like what to do about choking, bangs to the head etc.

j20baby Fri 14-Sep-07 11:22:12

yes, think they should be fine

Mum2Luke Sat 15-Sep-07 14:14:37

I don't see why not, my eldest lad (now 16, nearly 17) was babysitting my youngest who is 11 yrs younger than himself when he was 14. He is very sensible.

She obviously knows the child and its not just anyone off the street, she comes with references. Most kids her age have mobiles which we did not have when we were babysitting younger siblings and can get in touch should anything happen.

just leave contact numbers and addresses for her and she'l be fine.

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 14:16:08

Yes I would.

BunInTum Tue 18-Sep-07 02:37:59

No I wouldn't. I think 14 is too young and certainly too young to mind such a small child. You cannot expect a 14 yr old to have the ability to deal with a toddler for up to 3 hours - this is often hard for adults!

Irrespective of how mature they may behave in front of adults, they are just children, and once that door is shut who knows what they'll be up to. They don't have enough experience of life to handle certain situations and often don't assess risks as they may with more experience of life.

I would try and see if there is someone else and only use her as a last resort but the thought of an emergency makes my stomach turn, as it's a bit late if she calls you because child has had a nasty fall/burn etc.

Sorry to be sounding negative but I really think your child's welfare is far too important for this.

You could try and take some emergency leave from work during those afternoons or enquire about emergency childcare in the area - creches, childminders etc.

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