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babysitter/nanny overnight rate

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BunInTum Thu 13-Sep-07 16:44:30

Hi all

Im wondering what would be a resonable gross overnight rate to pay a nanny/babysitter who would be working for 6-7 hours then staying at my house for 3 nghts a week as it's too far to drive home? Any ideas?

frannikin Thu 13-Sep-07 20:17:35

I charge £8 ph until 11pm as I'm awake, and then £4 ph until 7am as I'm asleep but still on call, then £8 ph from 7am. That's working overnight, sole charge, and quoted as net. I'm in Marlow, Bucks if that helps you work out what it might be round where you are.

Phraedd Sat 15-Sep-07 10:04:43

i charge £10 per hour gross and depending on location, i might charge a small amount of petrol.

you can find me here

BunInTum Tue 18-Sep-07 01:57:09

thanks guys, helps me get a better idea.

JennaJ Tue 18-Sep-07 12:30:09

I charge £60 for 12 hours overnight or £80 for longer hours eg 6pm-10am. I like to keep it simple!


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