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so who still uses a CM for children aged over 3?

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anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 15:55:23

Message withdrawn

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:07:23

Well I'm a CM and I've never had my 3 yr olds leave just because they are 3, very strange. Do you mean nursery i.e. daycare nursery or as in pre-school nursery where they go for either mornings or afternoons?

When a child goes to nursery/pres-school, so far I've been needed still for drop off and pick up etc. or just pic up onwards. And I'd be surprised if your DD was the youngest unless your CM doesn't look after school aged children.

hennipenni Wed 12-Sep-07 16:08:54

Same as LT, my 3 yr olds stay too, just go to school nursery for 2.5 hours.

FeelingOld Wed 12-Sep-07 16:12:21

I too am a cm and I care for 4 x 3 year olds, 2 go to a pre-school nursery 4 mornings, 1 goes to local playgroup 3 mornings and 1 only comes to me. I too am still required to do the drop off/pick up so only lose them for part of the morning. I suppose cos places are funded parents want to use them.

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:16:04

Message withdrawn

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:19:17

Message withdrawn

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:20:07

NO, I personally still think a childminder is the best at this age but I would say this wink You can always think of putting her in nursery for up to 5 sessions per week for her to mix with children her own age, this is funded from age 3 however you should still expect to pay your CM as she wouldn't be able to fill that time in.

BTW...just to give another view....I have a 3.9 yr old who goes to pre-school all day (some funded, they pay the extra) and I pick up at 2.45. She's always really tired, especially by the end of the week and sometimes so tired that she's falling over her feet

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:21:16

Message withdrawn

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:23:46

Message withdrawn

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:24:19

I REALLY wouldn't worry about her being on her own for that time. I had an old mindee recently who's nearly 5 and it was just us 2 and boy did she lap it up!!! wink Seriously though, the little ones usually love being on the school run and I usually take them straight to toddler group and then it's off again to pick the others up. That time flies by so I really wouldn't worry. Of course eventually you are going to have the problem of school so you may want to think ahead about all this if you don't live local.

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:28:06

Can I just tell you ds is 4.5 and I've currently got a 2 yr old (started at 6 months) and her 8 month old sister (started at 7 weeks) 3 days a week and the other 2 I have a 6 month old (paid double so that's all during day) and then all week the 3 yr old preschooler. Well he LOVES the little ones, especially babies and he always misses them when they aren't here. Having said that, he is older but then again he's always liked it.

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:30:30

Message withdrawn

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:31:11

Message withdrawn

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:33:58

There you go then, stick with the wonderful childminders and she'll lap up the one to one I bet!! wink Oh, and yes, I should have remembered you're ttc (as I think we are sharing some threads? wink)

anniemac Wed 12-Sep-07 16:35:55

Message withdrawn

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:40:27

Yeah wink Good luck but I think you've made your decision now!

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