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CM Club: Before School - how much to charge etc?

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looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 12:24:48

Just a quicky whilst waiting for ds to come and make his lunch. I have a 3 yr old pre-schooler in the afternoons and because ds goes to school all day from Jan, I will be able to drop off too (can't at mo due to time clashes between schools). They've asked for this from January but I've never done a school drop off before (well, I did when mindee at nursery but I charged all day as was still classed as an under 5).

What do you do?

Do you charge a minimum number of hours for before school?

Do you have a set single fee for before school (i.e. maybe call it a breakfast club or something??)

Any feedback would be fab, cheers

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 14:22:13


hennipenni Wed 12-Sep-07 14:41:10

I charge for a minimum of one hour. Can't charge more as the school runs it's own breakfast club at 75p. HTH

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 16:12:26


Anyone else not have breakfast clubs who charge say a min of 2 hours?

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 18:28:42

Change of plan, may be starting this next week or even tomorrow?

PLEASE........what do you charge????

KaySamuels Wed 12-Sep-07 18:36:48

I would charge minimum two hours, I have just changed to this as was resenting the morning work for the pay I was getting. Best to get a rate you are happy with to begin with, otherwise it will start to irritate you. Kids can be grouchy in the mornings! grin

mumlove Wed 12-Sep-07 18:37:24

I have just renewed my contract for mindee who will be full time at school after the half term holiday and they have agreed to £5 per hour (will be having him 8-9am + 3-5pm).

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 18:49:55

Thanks people, I was having a word with dh a moment again and I feel bad charging the whole 2 hours as they are coming from 8am and I drop off at 8.45am. But I don't want to do it for £3.80 extra a day as it's going to mean a rush in the morning, extra school to drop off at and will also mean ds being slightly late for nursery (but it's fine as they don't do register there and it's ok for people to be a little late, loads are). I've made it clear this is a trial run as if I'm too late for ds's nursery then I won't do it. So I think £5 per morning seems a fair compromise

Thanks to you both for your advice.

Still interested to see what others do as I may be changing the way I charge from next year.

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 18:50:23

moment ago

alibubbles Wed 12-Sep-07 21:37:48

I charge min flat rate before school of £10 and after school £15 minimum and I have them queuing up!

looneytune Thu 13-Sep-07 09:28:57

Thanks I guess it really does depend on where you live and what alternatives are available.

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