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Staff Room............Wednesday.........................

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Shoshable Wed 12-Sep-07 07:17:46

typed on brand new keyboard, so any typos are all my own grin

Shoshable Wed 12-Sep-07 07:44:57

............ potters around making tea and crumpets..............

mumlove Wed 12-Sep-07 07:47:10

Well done, glad the new keyboard is better.

My 1st full day of work (have 4 under 5's) since my holiday and I have my new mindee starting. Ages are nearly 5 yrs, 2 x 3yrs, 1yr (just). Then I have my DD to take to school. I will survive the day. Off for a coffee before they all arrive.
Have a great day everyone.

mumlove Wed 12-Sep-07 07:48:15

You had to make crumpets while I was typing!!!

Shoshable Wed 12-Sep-07 07:48:50

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm buttery fingers grin

KaySamuels Wed 12-Sep-07 07:51:40

Morning smile

I have a quietish day today, didn't want to get out of bed this morning feel really tired and could happily climb back under my duvet! grin

LoveMyGirls Wed 12-Sep-07 07:56:52

Morning, i've got a cm friend coming round this morrning, dd2 just poohed on the toilet not sure what to do now though really, not sure she is really ready to fully go for toilet training yet, am leaving her without nappy for now to show her its nice not to wear it and if she uses the toilet she wont have to wear one, will that be a good motivator? We've all given her loads of praise and stickers and sweets, what else can i do?

MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 08:11:56


Got any marmite to go on those crumpets? I'm free as a bird til 3.30 today, once I've done the school run. Paperwork and stuff to do for CM & Guiding so I won't sit idle. Sounds like you're doing everything you can LMG. How old is she again?

Katymac Wed 12-Sep-07 08:16:41

Good luck with the toilet training

Can I have Doughnuts?

I'm off on a course today (but I have problems with the school run am & pm, children changing hours, hubby, daughter, staff)

Why is it when I do things for me the world falls apart??

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 09:42:55

Morning all. I enjoyed my marmite crumpets, thanks

Well, I'm free til about 10am as the sisters are being dropped off by grandma (not sure if parents are back from sailing yet?)

Oh....guess what....I got flowers, a card and a little extra money on a cheque yesterday as a thank you and goodbye (for now) from little mindee who I was having adhoc whilst they waited to move. Although she's turned into a right spoilt little brat (seriously), we're going to miss her a lot. Ds and her were talking about how they are best friends and are going to post things to each other (she was my first ever mindee) and we can't wait to go and stay with them in Eastbourne Soooooo, I'm glad I didn't do a sicky wink Actually, I doubt I would ever have gone through with it, I was just so annoyed with the mum but hey, she's forgiven!

Katymac - thanks for your help with the assistant thing yesterday I'm really beginning to wonder whether it's worth it after all Long term would work but as it's only a temporary thing, it's seems too much work and won't be that much help for me. I'm probably just better off either doing it on my own or having a couple of months off (all if it even happens!). I know they SHOULD come back to me if they really like me HOWEVER if they find someone just as good but nearer home (some travel a bit to me) or cheaper then they may well just stay with that person. Anyway, I've got lots to think about wink

Off to make a cuppa and empty the dishwasher etc whilst I have a spare 20 mins

Have a good day everyone!

MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 10:01:29

Thats all it takes isn't it LT? Its all very well people telling you that you're appreciated, but showing you really helps. When I had that situation where the mother 'forgot' I was off and I had to cut my holiday short, she did a similar thing. I don't expect it, but it means that she knows I bent over backwards for her and she appreciated it.

On another subject, I'm cold! I only had a t-shirt on for the school run this morning and my thumbs are numb now! I've now got jumper, socks and shoes on, very attractive look it is too! grin More coffee I think!

PinkChick Wed 12-Sep-07 10:10:20

Hi all, got problem with buying some land if anyone has any ideas(on other thread-please advize, getting call back anyminute)..and cos i am so greedy, im sat here, children all at school/nursery, washing hung out anouther load in so made a cup of tea and pinched the last dairy milk..sat happily dipping it into my tea, put it in mouth and choked!..tea everywhere!..greeedy woman!smile

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 10:22:17

Exactly! I've forgiven her now I was quite upset on her last day with me in Feb as I never got even a card and it was my birthday too. HOWEVER, as mindees birthday was the day before, she had a party the weekend after leaving me and in front of all their friends and family, they presented me with a card and HUGE Easter Egg and little mindee presented it and gave me a great cuddle, had to turn round so they couldn't see the tears!! blush

Oh......sister mindees are here, grandma said they've been moved from piller to post over the weekend whilst parents were away, she did not seem impressed. Well, I couldn't possibly comment!! winkgrin

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 10:25:37

Pinkchick, no idea where to look for your thread???

PinkChick Wed 12-Sep-07 10:29:16

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 10:39:05

Sorry, no idea but best of luck

PinkChick Wed 12-Sep-07 10:43:10

thaks anywaysmile

fifilou Wed 12-Sep-07 11:29:57

mornin ladies.............

Ive been a good nanny i have!

Ive sorted toys,clothes,books,puzzles and have done all the laundry, changed the beds and tidied b1 and b2 rooms.


I'm now taking a well earned break!

Ive bee biking the school runs. B1 learned to ride his bike over summer- its ace! I love it!

I'm also running again!

could i be any more smug?


MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 11:33:40

Hello, lovely lady, how the devil are you? I see you're in for an op next week, not too nervous I hope. Did you have a good summer? I didn't work too much, which is good on one hand, but bad financially, but we'll catch up. DH has just bought a fishing boat, so he's all excited as is DD. I couldn't give a stuff tbh! Not happy about it sitting on the front drive, I have to say and he knows that. He's being very nice about things atm. I'm not going to argue about it though, I'm going to hold it against him everytime I want something!

MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 17:05:13

Has everyone gone on a childminders day together out and forgot to tell me? sad

Shoshable Wed 12-Sep-07 17:12:24

Arrggg just phoned the Mum who booked the place in January to ask her to sign contracts to be told that they are goingto a Nursery, Ok, but WHY THE HELL DIDNT THEY LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no Mo if they have they didnt tell me either grin

MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 17:17:00

B*stards! I've had that happen at least 3 times. One, I was very gracious and said that it was fine and that they had to do what they felt was best for the child etc. etc. I did air my views about nursery/cm though and 6 months later, she came back to me, saying that she just couldn't cope with the rules & regs of nursery and the fact that ds stumbled from one illness to the next, so could I take him!

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 17:22:53

No, I'm here

Shoshable - that's sooooo rude!! I've got all my January lot signed up and taken deposits, at least if they don't come, I've got something out of them wink

Shoshable Wed 12-Sep-07 17:28:05

thought i wouldnt take a deposit or sign as they came when still pg to see me will next time

looneytune Wed 12-Sep-07 17:34:43

Oh right. Well yes, can't when pg but I definitely would arrange contact from when baby is born to see if they still want a space. I hate how rude parents can be!!1 angry

Quicky.......2 yr old mindee refusing to sit at the table. Normally very could be she's very tired. There's no point in going on and on, she just doesn't want to sit there. I am better off ignoring it and every now and then check again aren't I?

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