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To have a contract or not

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pinkisthatme Wed 05-Sep-07 20:32:30

Hi, my childminder already looks after dd's 2&3 for one day a week, for this arrangement there are contracts in place. Starting from next week she is also going to collect dd1 (aged 7) from school & then bring her back to her house for about 15mins before I collect all 3 of them after work. She has asked me whether I want to draw up a contract or not for her doing this! This kinda threw me a bit as I don't really know what to say! What are the implications of not having one in place, is it necessary for that short time or not?

NannyL Wed 05-Sep-07 20:44:41

persoanlly i think its always best for all concerned to have a contract!

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 20:50:56

I would to

She might have an out of school contract like I do (which I made up & just covers the basics)

But it needs setting out so everyone knows the deal (iyswim)

nannynick Wed 05-Sep-07 20:52:22

If the 7 year old is not on the contract, would insurance cover them? Best to have a new contract, or amend the existing one.

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