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Childminders: How possible is it to find this...?

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redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:26:41


I am trying to plan going back to work and am trying to figure out if it is possible,,,

I have 3 boys,
1- Will be in school 9-3 and I can do drop off/ pick up.
2- Will be in playgroup 9.30-12.30. I can do drop off but not pick up- I need a childminder to do this I think and then keep him until 3ish.
3- will need care from 9ish-3ish.

I will only be working Mon-Thurs (so no need Fridays) and I will not need care in school Holidays as I will not be working those.

Is this possible OR am I really looking at thinking of a Nanny (which unless I can get for around £1000 inclusive per month I can't do!)??

Oh... and how soon do I need to book places?

I am in the North east btw,, and planning to go back in Oct 08 and the nearest granny is 200 miles away lol!!

Thanks for any help/advice.

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:27:22

oh ds 2 will be 3 and ds2 will be 1.

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:30:11

that sounds perfectly reasonable,you would only need care for the 2 youngest yes?
so you only need a cm to collect ds2 at 12.30 and keep till 3ish and have ds3 all day?
thats perfectly normal and acceptable! smile

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:31:27

also a nanny for less than a grand a month should not be hard to find in your area if you did want to go down that route. smile

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:32:39

oh few thanks... and having the option of a nanny is fab.. I thought we'd never afford one!

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:33:24


thats what you get fo trying to type and bf a 4 week old!!

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:35:06

collecting children from school midday is what i do almost every day as do most cms so you really wont have a problem with it, dont panic!!

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:36:58

might start a new thread in a bit BUT... where do I go about finding a Nanny in Newcastle?

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:38:04

i have alot of nanny friends who are taking home around £70 a day,but this is in south east/greater london so you should get one for considerably less.
also check out childcare link for a list of cms in your area.

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:39:07

nanny job

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 16:40:26

tinies agency

PinkChick Wed 05-Sep-07 16:44:00

aw, im in teesside thought i was gunna be able to heklp when you said NE! may want to check if they have/can hold a place for your eldest while hes off school on hols?

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 16:51:19

I was planning on not working any school hols... but tbh I know I would have to continue to pay for places through the whole year... which is partly why I am wondering if a nanny might work out a better option for me.

smeeinit Wed 05-Sep-07 18:31:21

redtent, i take term time only children and charge a retainer fee of half normal weekly rate during school hols.
a cm will def be cheaper than a nanny as you will prob end up paying a nanny full rate. dont quote me on that tho! grin

redtent Wed 05-Sep-07 19:05:19

Thanks Smee....

I am going to investigate both options. My issue is that if I only work school termtime I actually won't have the cash to pay for either in school hols (as most of that leave will be unpaid) and my Dh and I are not high earners (church doesn't pay well!).

I am beginning to wonder if I have to work all year round (apart from 4 weeks hols) to be able to afford to go back.

anyway I am going to find out all the figures and work it out from there.

My other issue is having looked on childcare link there are not actually any childminders in my district of Newcastle- which is a complete pita for me. It may only be a 5/10 min drive to one but in the added complication of 3 different drop offs, one outside the area is not ideal.


maybe I am just not meant to go back yet!

nannynick Wed 05-Sep-07 19:48:43

ChildcareLink does not always list all childcare providers (though this should with luck change in September 2008, when new rules come into force regarding what local authorities have to supply to parents enquiring about childcare). Meanwhile, contact your local Children's Information Service (enter your postcode at ChildcareLink and it will tell you the number of your local CIS), and ask them for a list of childminders within your local area.

bigdonna Thu 06-Sep-07 11:08:39

hi where abouts in newcastle.At the moment i childmind in mitcham but hoping to move to northumberland next summer.

Jackmummy Thu 06-Sep-07 12:47:16

Just to say...
I have term time only children and I don't get paid in the holidays, when I don't have the children, as I don't want them iyswim.
So I suppose you could say that i close for the holidays.
Not sure how common this is though!

redtent Thu 06-Sep-07 16:20:40

Jackmummy- you would be my ideal lol!

Thanks for the tip about ringing cis for a full list too...

And I live reeeght in toon- central NCL so Northumberland is a 20 min drive from me! lol

Thanks everyone. I am gonna see if I can find a childminder and if not maybe a nanny would be possible.

bigdonna Thu 06-Sep-07 16:23:13

good luck

bigdonna Thu 06-Sep-07 16:23:35

good luck

Swazan Sat 08-Sep-07 21:49:02

I'm a childminder in Newcastle NE5. If you email me I might be able to help with your search, susan @ kiddiewinks-childminding.

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