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Maternity nurse, what did they do?

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TeaDr1nker Wed 05-Sep-07 11:00:36

I am sorry if this thread has been done before - a bit new to all this

I am hoping to use a maternity nurse - but would love some advice. Is it better to have someone just for the night or for 24hours? What are peoples experiences. If they live in when do they sleep/eat etc.

Many thanks


Ps, i live in the North Cheshire area, if anyone can recommend someone that would be good.

startouchedtrinity Wed 05-Sep-07 11:16:15

Hi. I got someone in at the last minute as dd2 was seriously ill when ds was born, plus we hade chickenpox as well. Basically we welcomed her as one of the family, she ate when we did and slept in our spare room. I think 24 hrs is best as they get to know your baby and you and see any daytime difficulties.

I was very lucky as our MN had just arrived from NZ, she was young and enthusiastic and would do anything - get food, play with the dds, I even has to prise the iron out of her hand at one point. I think most maternity nurses are a bit stricter as to what falls within their remit!

omega2 Wed 05-Sep-07 13:41:04

when are you looking for someone?

I have done the mnt training and am keen to get into maternity or night nannying and have loads of experience as a nanny with all ages - oh plus i will charge a lot less than a very experienced mn

papilion Thu 06-Sep-07 08:36:11

hi TeaDrinker

I worked as a maternity nurse for many years.

Ask yourself what you would like a maternity nurse to do.

There are some extremely good and supportive ones and there are some who will do no more than assist with feeding, launder the baby clothes and clean the nursery.

Me.....Slept at night

Usually ate with the family, but knew when they needed to be alone

Undertook as much or as little of the baby's care as mum wanted,supported breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Did everything I could to help mum to to learn to care for the baby.... some it came naturally to, others it was a huge learning curve.

First time mums have different needs

I cared for siblings while mum fed new baby

I cooked, mowed lawns, altered curtains, knitted cardigans(for mum), chauffered.......

If it was wanted and I could do it, I did it.

Oh yes, I could be a very good guard dog when necessary combined with social secretary skills

I mainly worked as full time live, sometimes sharing the baby's room, sometimes had my own room.

Vastly differing households from small maisonette to millionaire mansions.

My care was the same to all, and so were my fees except for twins

Oops, this is not a CV

Hope this helps.

pol26 Sat 15-Sep-07 00:27:05

chuckling about the guard dog skils...

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