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Nannyshare sought in De Beauvoir Area N1

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kfawcus Wed 05-Sep-07 09:55:13

Hi, I am looking for a local nannyshare / child care in the De Beauvoir N1 area to help with a 4 years old and a 23 month old - mainly school runs. Additionally, i am having another baby in early 2008 and will have increasing child care needs towards this date. I am flexible with regard to the amount of help i need. If you have a nanny you would like to share or are a qualified child minder please contact me. Thanks.

becks5109 Wed 05-Sep-07 12:23:53

I was in the indoor play centre in Stokey recently and there were quite a few adverts up on the board from Nanny's with spare days etc. Hope that helps.

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