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How to encourage a child to play educational toys

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jaminia Sun 09-Feb-20 05:25:32

Is your child love to play basic toys that are not that educational such as puzzle, lego, and toys that basically help in the development of IQ?
How do you encourage your child to play such toys?
I suggest to use toys that are colorful and intriguing to kids. You can try puzzle games that has more attractive graphics or games that could be played in groups.

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jannier Mon 10-Feb-20 14:08:02

All toys have an educational value. Imagination and using motor skills experimenting with fastenings and IT skills. If you want them to do messy play trh putting what they like into messy in paint, buried in sand....put numbers on them and give them a numbered car park. When your out and they are interested in things like roadworks, numbers etc take photos so they can cut and stick at home. Photograph their toys so they can cut them up or make puzzles from them...

How old are your children?

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