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My Au-pair lives at my Mom's -

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woodyrocks Sun 02-Sep-07 02:17:05

Okay, I actually haven't got an AP. I would love one but only have a 2 bedroom house and I don't think sharing a room with my DD is the way forward.

My Mother however has a huge house and since we have all left home bar my brother has the rooms to spare. She lives 5mins away from me in a car.

Is it conceivable for me to have an AP that actually sleeps in my Mom's house.

Am I stupid to even contemplate it?? Please don't flame me, it's late and I am trying not to freak out about not having any c/care arrangments in place as I prepare to commence a very important work placement so I guess I am thinking outside the box so to speak.

What I did last year whilst I was doing my Postgrad was have DD board weekly at my Ex Nanny's. DD was then picked up on Friday for w/e at home. The problem is I still need that wrap-around-care so to speak.

scienceteacher Sun 02-Sep-07 02:29:32

It's unconventional, but no reason it wouldn't work.

SimplySparkling Sun 02-Sep-07 02:35:13

I agree that it could well work. Another option could be to share an au pair or nanny share. I've considered an au pair share but would want her to live here. Atm, we don't have the house ready for her, but I hope to remedy that soon.

meandmy Sun 02-Sep-07 03:25:41

you could try it wont hurt to try, if it doesnt work out perhaps look at local bedsits!

SimplySparkling Sun 02-Sep-07 03:51:05

I forgot to say that I've been through the trying to find an au pair procedure myself recently. It cost around £30 for a month's membership to be able to contact would-be au pairs on the site that I chose. I was in touch with a number of potential au pairs who expressed an interest in my family's profile and yet a month and 40 or more hours of effort later, the membership expired with no success to date. If you're far away from a big city, it is difficult to attract an au pair unless it is for a short timescale, it seems.

DynamicNanny Sun 02-Sep-07 17:18:47

Have you tried advertising for an aupair on Nannyjob - there are lots of cv's there, I don't know the cost but it might help you find someone

woodyrocks Sun 02-Sep-07 17:19:02

Thanks for the thoughts on this. I just had my mom on the phone and read her your responses! Sparkling, what site was that you joined? I might have to check it out.

I also like the idea of sharing especially if the other person wanted a live-in arrangement. How do I go about this?

I initially thought I might start with gumtree but just because I find most of my househelp on there (cleaning, ironing etc) but maybe I need something more targetive in this instance.

All suggestions appreciated and more wanted!

p.s it is also nice to know i wasn't the only night owl on the site last night :p

alycat Sun 02-Sep-07 23:29:24


Finding the right (or any) AP can take ages as sparkling says.

I've just found my 2nd from Au Pair world, 39 Euros for 3 months I think (the one I joined before was 99 E for 6 weeks) they are as good as any.

I had over 200 girls contact me in a 4 week period. It depends how fussy you are re experience/English etc I'm sure I could have found someone quicker if I'd lowered my standards (or offered a car!)

I think living at your mums house if she is not too far away would be an excellent idea. Having someone live with you, even if they are there to help you, well I find it can be quite tiring.

woodyrocks Mon 03-Sep-07 00:26:19

Thanks AL! The website sounds good and will be checking that out for sure as the price is very reasonable.

My Mom is up for it - bless her - and she has even mentioned bringing someone from 'back home' over for me.

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