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got ofsted on monday for registration visit

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eleanorsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 16:30:49

any tips please from all you mumsnet cm's!

have just spent an hour reading old threads!

eleanorsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 21:18:21

bump as i'm sure you were all busy earlier!

Katymac Fri 31-Aug-07 21:31:01

Eleanorsmum - you will be fine OFSTED inspectors ae human

Remember to consider the children's safety (her handbag, her tea)

Make sure your paperwork is uptodate and easily found

Good luck

eleanorsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 22:17:33

thanks, i haven;t actually got any mindees yet just my dd age 3. she sounded human on the phone but didn't seem to understand that i'd moved from wales who have different standards with different numbers so i have alot of paperwork to get through. does this all have to be ready for registration or can it be work in progress?

Mum2Luke Fri 31-Aug-07 22:29:33

Good luck! I had a male OFSTED inspector 5 yrs ago, I can remember it now, my little one was about 8 months old, sitting in his highchair covered in Chocolate Readybrek, he was an independant little soul and was determined to feed himself, thankfully the inspector was a grandad and understood!

Just be calm, make sure you have your policies laid out, you won't have done first aid (or maybe you have) but any certificates, play plans, public liability ins certificates etc. Last time the inspector recommended I do the NVQ Level 3, I did it and next time I hope to impress the next inspector, its supposed to be next year but I hear they are a bit behind.

Good luck again!


eleanorsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 22:30:56

thank you, major tidy session sunday just ot be sure. i've got my medical at the doctors just before - hope they don't do my blood pressure. watch this space...............tee hee

eleanorsmum Mon 03-Sep-07 15:04:21

well had ofsted, very nice lady! got lots of paperwork to do now and then just a waiting gmae for the certificate to come through! she did say i could start advertising though and have children for less than 2hours or in their house! so am off and running almost 9might need stabilisers for a while tee hee!)

inlovewithjose Tue 04-Sep-07 22:09:11

make sure you have a fire drill in place, a book recording when drills take place (say once a month) and have a visitors book where you get ( i dont know, maybe the gas man ) to sign in and out. these are the two things ofsted are looking for in my area. and of course all the multi cultural stuff. good luck

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