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Staff Room..................Thursday

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Shoshable Thu 30-Aug-07 06:58:48

Oh Im so excited, we are off to The Portsmouth Historic dockyard today to see MHS Victory and Action Stations!!!!!!!!!!

Promised all my older ones as I had no babies today we would have a day out, its about 11/2 hours away from us but got my SatNav (we would get lost without) so we are off at 8.30 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ajj Thu 30-Aug-07 07:07:23

have a fantastic time.
No mindees today, just my dd so lots of sorting, & sewing all the name tapes in her new uniform.

Katymac Thu 30-Aug-07 07:35:26


I have reflexology, then an induction on to a managment course, then home to mind 4 & tomorrow all hell breaks loose - between an MOT, a Hosp appt, a business meeting & the odd 5 mindees I feel a bit stressed

Good luck to you both

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 09:21:31

Morning all

Hope you have a great time Shoshable. Not sure what we're up to today as I wasn't supposed to be working. Anyway, my brother is here to have the kids whilst I pop to the Dr's then I'll work out what we're doing.

Hopefully join you for a cuppa later

ju Thu 30-Aug-07 09:50:29

Morning all. Have a fab day shosha, welcome ajj, new blood always welcome! Katymac you are busy busy busy, looney, good luck at Dr .
Just one mindee today due here at 10am. We are going to the park this morning then local agricultural show this afternoon. Fingers crossed it stays dry. Catch you all later !

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 09:54:27

Morning all!

Is it wrong to let my mindee play on the PS all day?!grin I'll get him to come off and run round the garden once an hour! Thing is, the weather isn't great, I've got to stay in for a delivery and its his last day off (with me) before school starts next week. OK, I've convinced myself - PS all the way!

Good luck Looney, I'll be checking in all day and keeping the kettle warm for you.

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 10:36:57

OMG - I was supposed to let you know If I would be joining you shosha wasn't I? I completely forgot, because DH has been on the PC so much I never got on!blush. Sorry.

Anyway, guess what i got in the post today?

My CM 1&2 forms

FeelingOld Thu 30-Aug-07 11:17:01

Hi everyone, don't make it into the staff room usually but am on laptop outside whilst mindees and my dd and ds are playing.
I have 5 mindees this morning and another on arriving at 12 + my own dd and ds so too many children to be able to go out today as can't all fit in the car and nowhere to really go within walking distance sad. Nevermind we are going to make pizzas for lunch and plan to do some painting outside this afternoon.
Hope you all have a good day.

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 12:36:14

Got 2 hyper 4 year olds who still don't want lunch and today I'm like, sod the routine, it's only them!! So, off to put the kettle on and I'm hoping someone has been baking and wants to share!! wink

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 12:38:03

Welcome FeelingOld! The lap top is a marvel! I have mine on one of the shelves in the room I use for minding! Its on Staff Room, most of the day! Its just nice to have a bit of adult convo now and again, allbeit written!grin Nice to meet you, hope you manage to keep cool with all those mindees this afternoon!

Yay for Saltire! Excellent news. It was meant to be that you didn't go out with Shosh today. You may not have known they came in the post and then you'd have wasted a precious day dealing with them!grin

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 12:41:15

I know Maureen, I couldn't believe it when the postie knocke dnad said he had a registered letter for me.
All I need to do now is sit down and read them properly, will do it tonight. If I don't fall asleep I am so shattered.

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 13:11:12

Thanks for all the good luck wishes

Mo - PS all day, why not!!! grin

Saltire - fab news, about time. I suggest once you're reg'd, you do a formal complaint as your treatment has been disgusting!!

FeelingOld - hello, nice to see you in the staffroom. Haven't seen many of the old lot from MN for a while. And where is TP??? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and yes, I love my laptop too wink

Right, Dr's.....she took my very seriously and has arranged all sorts of blood tests including the ones they do for people who've been ttc for over a year. She just said she may as well. I've had blood taken today and have 3 holes with bruises where they tried to get the blood out with no success (always happens to me!) Anyway, the nurse called the Dr in and eventually they got some using some vacuum thing (apparently I went grey at one point! lol). Anyway, got to wait until next week for the results. A couple of things upset me because I thought if the test showed I'm ok now, then they'd be able to see if I'm likely to start the menopause soon. She said no, if this test is clear then we must just get down to business and try everything to get pregnant asap coz in 6 months etc, I could start it. Basically they can only see from the test if I've started already. She also said that as soon as you start the menopause, that's it, your chances of getting pregnant drop dramatically. I thought it was a gradual thing but no I'm pleased she was honest and now am just waiting for the results. Feels a bit funny being given a booklet called 'Living with the Menopause' when you're only 31! hmm

Anyway........where's all the nice cakes, flapjacks etc????? If no-one has any today, please can you share your pizza FeelingOld??? grin

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 13:12:34

Here we are! How about a bit of ginger cake? Dig in!

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 13:14:00

Looney I thought it was later today you were going, I was thinking about you. Do you want flapjacks, or a glass of something stronger?
like this

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 13:16:12

Get you! Handing out the strong stuff! You can tell you've got a spring in your step again!grin

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 13:18:38

maureen, I can't stand the stuff, but The Macallan, cloesly folloed by Highland Park are DH's two favourite malts. he has loads of bottles so I thought I'd share some wink.

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 13:20:34

grin Mo's link didn't work but thanks, I can smell it's gone in my tummy!! grin As for the strong drink, cheers for the thought but I can't drink that stuff as nearly died on too much Jack Daniels when I was 17!!! A barrel of Stella would go down nicely though wink (I'll just lock the kids in the shed for the rest of the day!!! hehe

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 13:22:38

We always have to scour the shops for a good single malt when we go to Scotland every year! DH is quite anal about it actually! He currently has a 15 year old from the Ben Nevis distillery on the go. He doesn't share though and its only for very special occasions. Everyone else has to have the Teachers or shops own brand!

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 13:23:38

I tell you what, you know all my moaning about my 2 days off being fu**ed up due to this ex mindees parent..........WELL angry......had a text from my double baby's mum saying she's sorry for short notice but she needs me from midday tomorrow as she has to go into work after all and her dh is taking his older kids out for the day. I know they still pay but what if I was in the middle of decorating like I originally was going to be? I just feel like time off should be time off and that's that. Does anyone have anything in their policies saying about this? Was wondering if I could get away with adding something about parent holidays and that if they want to cancel and use me afterall, they need to give me x notice??? Or am I mean??

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 13:24:25

Well according to DH, The Macallan, Highland Park and Bowmore (from the island of Islay) are the best 3 malt whiskys in the world

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 13:28:49

Try again! And cheers! Here's to happy endings!

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 13:30:24

He's had the Highland and the Bowmore, so I shall make a note of the other one for a Xmas pressie, since we didn't go to Scotland this year!

FeelingOld Thu 30-Aug-07 13:31:34

Well the pizza went down well.

Looney - Dont know where TP is, but then again haven't been around much lately, been on holiday, my parents have both had operations/lots of hosp appointments etc, I have 7 under 5's I care for including a 7 month old so haven't really had much time to come on here even in the evenings.
Sorry to hear you may be approaching the menopause at such a young age, I too am facing this and I thought I was young at 42!! (my mum was only 43 when she started on the menopause and she has 4 sisters all of whom started before the age of 45 so not much hope for me is there). Good luck anyway.

looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 13:35:55

Feelingold - wow, 7 under 5's! I thought my 5 under 5's was bad enough! grin. Oh, so you have a family history too then. My mum was only 29 and her mum and sister were also both early. I'd find it easier to cope with if I wasn't desperate for another child. The worst part is IF I am going through it and can't have children, I'll beat myself up about leaving it so long just because I wanted it to be the right time!!! Anyway, nothing I can do now until I have the results.

Sooooooooo, ANYONE??? What do you reckon about this parent holiday and giving notice if wanting to use me afterall?

FeelingOld Thu 30-Aug-07 13:42:05

Looney - it really is unfair isn't it? I have had problems from a very young age and had to have fertility treatment to have my 2 kids so I think I have had enough to deal with without facing a menopause now too!!
I hope all goes well for you, I know only too well what it is like to want a baby and it be out of your control.

Not sure about the holiday thing, let me have a think if I can amongst all the noise.

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