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Looking for an Au Pair

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jannier Fri 10-Jan-20 13:14:48

Is there a reason you cant do it? Some childminders will if your disabled/Ill.

Willow2017 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:48:34

Op just wants someone to walk her kids home no.childcare after that. She will be lucky to get someone to just work a short time every day and reduce thier earning potential with other childcare work.

Willow2017 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:46:19

Well that's not an au pair. There are strict guidelines about hiring au pairs.
As pp. said you need a taxi. Many taxis are dbs certified and already transport kids to and from school maybe one has space for your kids?

NoMorePoliticsPlease Thu 09-Jan-20 17:33:37

I dont think you are looking for an au pair, ie a foreign girl to live in, have english lessons , and help with the children. You are looking for a mothers help/part time nanny if child care is involved. There are agencies who may have the right person

Princesspickle777 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:32:48

So you need a taxi service then, not an au pair hmm

Garth01 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:29:54

No just the lift home

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Willow2017 Thu 09-Jan-20 16:49:02

Do you mean you want an actual au pair to live in as part if the family?
Will they be responsible for the kids at home after school?

Garth01 Thu 09-Jan-20 14:55:59

Hi there,

I am looking for an au pair to collect both my boys from Robert Piggott Junior School in Wargrave, and drop them at home in Twyford, daily. They finish at 15.05.

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