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Looking after a little girl for the first time... advice needed please

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bcsnowpea Thu 23-Aug-07 17:42:55

On Monday I'll be watching a little girl of a friend of mine (16 months) and my own son (9 months). It's the first time I've watched someone elses child in three years, and the first time with my own child as well. My DH will be around all day (YAY!) and I think I have a playdate as well, but I'm wanting advice on what parents expect when their babes are watched.
She'll be with me all day, 8am-6pm - so please, what would you expect if you left your child with me, or what advice do other cms have?

ruddynorah Thu 23-Aug-07 17:45:11

i would ask the child's mum what the little girl likes, what she'd like to eat or do etc. she might be upset at first at being left, so have something engrossing planned for first thing. you'll also need to know what naps she has.

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