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denmoll Thu 23-Aug-07 09:36:50

Looks like I am likely to get my first mindee. Mon, Wed and Fri afternoons only. Pick up from school at 12.30 (I will pick up my son first at 12.15 and then drive up to collect mindee). So question is, at what time do I charge FROM is it 12.30 when I pick up mindee or from 12.15 when I then travel up to school to collect?

I am planning to charge term time only - this will be on a week on/week off basis and I wont be charging on the week off time. My holidays will be nil charge whilst mindees holidays will be at full charge.

Does all this sound about right?

Advice appreciated. Thanks, Mary

maureenmlove Thu 23-Aug-07 09:43:26

12.15pm. I know you're going anyway, to collect ds, but you're still going out to collect other child regardless of whether ds is there or not.
And yes, sounds OK to me. If that arrangement suits you, its fine. Just make sure that its all written down!

denmoll Thu 23-Aug-07 09:48:18

I also plan to charge bank holidays as these are statutory holiday dates (even though I wont be working bank holidays). Is this right?

maureenmlove Thu 23-Aug-07 09:52:04

I assume the parents will be getting paid for bank holidays, so, so should you.

looneytune Thu 23-Aug-07 09:59:33

Agree from 12.15. Banks hols is a personal choice - if you ask on here you will get some parents saying they agree we should be paid but others have made it clear that it's such an issue for them (because we're self employed) that they would chose another childminder JUST for that reason!! I used to charge for bank hols (double pay if used) but decided I don't want to work them and so have agreed to remove the charge. Most childminders in my area DON'T charge and I could tell some parents didn't agree with me charging. You're well within your right to charge though

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