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Leaving present for lovely au pair?

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chicaguapa Wed 22-Aug-07 08:59:27

Our summer au pair is leaving next week. She has been lovely, the kids adore her and we have enjoyed having her around so I would like to give her a leaving present. Any ideas?

Furzella Wed 22-Aug-07 09:49:08

Have you used the bobbooks website? You can create a photo album online then they make a hardback glossy photo album which they mail to you. My dh did it for me for our wedding anniversary and it made me cry (and I'm a tough old boot). If you have lots of photos of her time here - and if you can get any of her friends to email you pics - this might be a nice idea.

alycat Wed 22-Aug-07 09:51:59

I had a pic she had taken (digital) printed and framed, also got her a travel alarm clock that you can record vioces on to for the alarm - so she will wake to the sound of my children shouting her name! (Just like living with us!)

MightyMoosh Wed 22-Aug-07 11:33:39

When I left my last job the mum knew I was into craftingso she got me some crafty bits, I think it was better than something more expensive that she thought about my interests. It meant more, the thought, than the gifts!

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 11:43:41

How about this? One of my mindees family bought me this for Christmas last year. The words that go with it really touched me and I was thrilled.

chicaguapa Wed 22-Aug-07 20:59:11

Some good ideas there, thanks. The photobook one is good but I know she's putting together a scrapbook of her time here so the photos will be going in there.

I am quite tempted to get her some jewellery as whenever we go to the shops she's always looking at it. Not the gold/silver variety, but the chunky wooden bracelet kind. I thought that would show that I'd noticed what she was into!

Will keep checking back for more ideas.

chicaguapa Wed 22-Aug-07 21:53:29

Have found this lovely fashion necklace which is really appropriate as she has been looking after DD & DS. Good price too and comes in a gift box...


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