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Thinking of becoming a childminder ,what do I need to know

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Christmaspug Sun 01-Dec-19 16:02:58

Hi ,be glad of any info from childminders or parents that use a childminder.
What makes a good childminder ,what are parents looking for in a childminder ,what’s important.
How long does it take to get registered,what do of-stead require?
Would me having 2 dogs put people off? Would I need to keep dogs separate from children.
My children are grown ,and I have a lovely playroom sitting empty.
Thankyou if you answered any of my questions xx

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Gottalovesummer Mon 02-Dec-19 14:20:04

Hi, it's a fantastic job if you have a genuine love of small children and tons of patience and energy.

Most important things for prospective parents, in my opinion is to be totally reliable for parents and flexible. The latter is what sets us apart from nurseries.

I have a good network of other childminders around me and go out every day to playgroup/music group/library /park etc. Parents love the fact the children are out and about such a lot.

I trained quite a while ago so I would advise you to contact your local authority for details about training. Have a0jmmj on Ofsted website too.

Good luck!

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