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Staff Room................Wednesday

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Shoshable Wed 22-Aug-07 07:27:04

Roll on the weekend. Its a long one. Yippeeeeeeeeee

looneytune Wed 22-Aug-07 08:07:39

Oh yeah.....yippeeeeeeeee.

Had 2 overnight mindees last night and ds was all hyper and all 3 messed about from the moment they got up!!! Thank god they are eating breakfast nicely now!!!

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 08:12:50

Morning!! We are off to a farm today I'm just wondering how to manage the naps as mindee has just got his nap back and on day 1 took him 45mins to settle yesterday took him 15mins, so what do i do today? Dont thnk he will sleep when we are out, doubt my dd will sleep either but im not worried as i know she is in a good routine already and will manage fine for 1 day. So shall we go after an early lunch and hope they nap in the car or shall i just play it by ear and if they dont sleep then they dont sleep (meaning they will both be very cranky all afternoon or they will fall asleep on the way home which his mum will not be happy about as she has requested i dont allow sleep after 2pm)

What to do?

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 08:20:10

Dp has gone to work with all my car seats

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 08:35:08

Phew he's coming home with them! On the downside mindee has thrown cornflakes all up my wall Im getting very tired of this now.

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 09:21:18

Blimey its a roller coaster of highs and lows reading yout posts LMG! Glad its all sorted now. Have a nice day on the farm.

I've forgotten what its like to look after children! I haven't had any since Friday and I havent got any til Wednesday next week. He was an 8 year old as well! I'll know all about it next week though, plaster baby is back!

BTW, I've only just got up!

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 09:32:13

You are so lcuky

Have decided to leave after an early lunch.

Am finding this mindee draining tbh any words of wisom or support out there? He is FT and im struggling to get him to eat his meals without either throwing, refusing, spitting out. Its hard work at the min trying to get him back into his naps as well but he really needs them so have no choice about that and actually that is actually going quite well i am seeing a rapid response for my efforts so am pleased with that. He also bites, hits, throws etc I feel like i am telling him not to do things quite a lot and over the day all of this combined as well as looking after other children is quite tiresome (luckily i can concentrate on him this week as other mindees are off but i still have my children)

Im thinking about thigns to give him that he likes so he wont refuse it or throw it but its hard when i dont actually know when evening meal type stuff he likes as ive only given him 7 evening meals so far.

Im doing positive praise and stickers, is there anything else i can be doing?

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 09:46:27

How old is he?

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 09:47:14

Not long turned 2

KaySamuels Wed 22-Aug-07 09:56:39

I've just got up and have the day off! We are off to the local market and carboot, don't usually get to it during the week.

He sounds hard work lmg, I would just ignore the table antics, and if there is even a second he is good at the table make a big fuss of him. If the other kids are good praise them too obv. I wouldn't change your meals too much either, I have a picky eater and he gets the same as every one else and I don't give his negative food behaviour any attention, I just praise the kids as they eat nicely/finish etc.

Forgot it was a bank holiday, another day off!

LoveMyGirls Wed 22-Aug-07 10:00:46

Im glad its not jsut me that thinks it is hard work, I know childminding isnt easy I was wondering if i was failing or expectations too high etc but my dd2 is 3 months younger than mindee and although she has her moments like all children her table manners and behaviour are nothing like this. Off out now, will catch up later x

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 10:12:29

Sorry, got distracted by a phone call (which needs discussing in minute!) Right 2 year old. Sounds like you're doing all the right things tbh. I'm loathed to say its just a phase, but it probably is. Its a two year old thing. I always say that if you persevere with a child for 2-3 years you will reep the rewards. Yes, you do feel like you are constantly fighting a loosing battle, constantly saying no, and constantly telling them off, but it will come. Be strong!

MightyMoosh Wed 22-Aug-07 11:30:00

Hi all Im in Dorset I have paint in my ears and I have a half day off as parents couldnt fit me and charges in tiny car so Im off shopping in Dorchester.

Shoshable Wed 22-Aug-07 12:11:53

where in dorset moosh am in blandford about 10 miles from dorchester, imawurzel is in dorchester.

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 13:18:28

Oh sh*t! I've screwed up in spectacular style!
Plaster baby's mum just said to me 'see you next week!' Fine, but I've booked a holiday for Tuesday and she doesn't remember me saying. She can't get the day off work and I can't ask any of my network cm's to look after her at short notice, due to the fact that she's never been to anyone else and she's in plaster - too much to ask for both cm and mum. I know, I know, it should have been in writing, but with all the things going on with baby in hospital and it being the summer holidays it just didn't happen. I'm gutted. She left it that I'd let her know what I wanted to do? Not quite sure what she means tbh. Does that mean I can say 'well actually I booked it, so I'm going? or does she expect me to say I'll come back a day early? I can come back on Monday, if I have to, but Dh is going to be soooo p*ssed off! Bugger.

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 14:05:22

[weep] [sob] Last week I was best cm ever for getting that teddy and now I'm crap cm because clearly she doesn't think enough of me to find 'someone' to have her for the day. I've offered to do the rest of the week, but no. Oh boo hoo, I hate myself for screwing up and I hate that I've got to tell DH we've gotta come home on Monday. He's not going to be impressed.

Rubybees Wed 22-Aug-07 14:17:56

what ever we do it's the wrong thing some days eh

dh took my two out this morning which left me with 1,2 which has been lovely!

Feeling like crap as my 9,11 yr old won't be coming back in Sept as their dad thinks their 'old enough' to go home 4-5.30/6pm (9 yr moving to middler school now), I feel so low even though I expected it! They've been with me all summer and just gone on their 2 week hols hence why today I can finally get on line yeah!!! The plus point is I'll finish work at 5pm from now on hehe.

We've been doing shaving foam with food colouring bags this morning and I feel sick with the smell, it's so wet and windy it's too cold to open a window without my winter oat on lol


MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 16:25:52

I'm still sobbing, if anyone is interested! Another thread has just started 'Where have all the childminders gone?' Now there's a question, because they're not in the staff room, when I need a bit of love! Boo hoo!!!! Nobody loves me anymore!!!! [wail!] I've seen you, I know you're on here somewhere. I might have to start stalking in a minute!

saltire Wed 22-Aug-07 16:37:27

I'm keeping out of the way - the last 2 times I stuck my head in staff room door and said "hello" I was ignored <sob>.
I am obviously a social outcast

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 16:40:38

I'm talking to you! I was concerned enough to make sure you and yours were OK! AND I didn't suggest that he had his leg amputated immediately!

saltire Wed 22-Aug-07 16:43:02

I know, I was merely making a comment that the last time I was here I was ingored.

I don't know what to suggest I'm afraind WRT your situation I've only ever had mindees not tell me they are having a day off, not the other way round. I can only think that you may need to come home a day early

trunkybun Wed 22-Aug-07 16:44:27

oooh, what are 'shaving foam with food colouring bags', sounds interesting?

KaySamuels Wed 22-Aug-07 16:52:21

Hello all I am here and talking to you!

MML that is rubbish! Especially after you getting hold of the teddy for them last week! I hope they come over all sympathetic and let you off! Does mum 'not rememeber you saying' seem a little too convient on her part? Because the cynic in me says it does!

looneytune Wed 22-Aug-07 17:17:29

Hi Saltire - how's it going? Don't worry, you're not the only one to get ignored in here

Mo - that's crap, after all the trouble you went to!!! Oh well, just goes to show how important it is to confirm in writing I suppose (I still think she's pulling a fast one!!!)

Rubybees - tell me about the food colouring bags!!! Never heard of bags, just use liquid but am very interested!!

LMGs - agree about ignoring all negative behaviour. BUT...if you're like'll find that VERY hard!! Just keep moaning on MSN

Well, me and Saz73 went to soft play this morning, was good fun but won't be doing that again in a hurry with these ages! Bloomin expensive too - £15 just to get in!!! (used to getting discount when TT as they do 3 for 2 for childminders)

Oh well......good news though, I did the overnight care last night for the sisters and that earnt me £25 after knocking off what I should refund for bank holiday. AND.....she's booked me again for next week and hopefully another 3 nights within the next couple of weeks. £100 a night so not bad! Need the money as tv just broke!!

Right, dinner nearly ready.........

MaureenMLove Wed 22-Aug-07 17:17:30

I know, [sob] I'm gonna have to come home early. I almost wish I'd lied and gone sick now, then she'd have had to find someone! I know no-one can give me any words of wisdom, I just wanted a 'ikkle hug!
Tell me about this shaving foam thing Ruby, sounds like fun!

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