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HELP - looking for urgent childcare (holiday playscheme etc) Maidstone

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glitterball Sun 19-Aug-07 17:03:22

Hi - title pretty much says it all. have been let down and need to sort something out for the coming week for 2 days for my two (9 and 6). it has to be pretty close to maidstone centre as i dont drive and for at least 9-5 as those re my work hours........

any help/thoughts/suggestions gratefully appreciated!

nannynick Sun 19-Aug-07 18:15:07

Found you a phone number if it helps: Maidstone Sports and Play development team 01622 602222

weathershore Sun 19-Aug-07 18:15:29

Try the leisure centre at Mote park they run full day child care.

cheekychaps Sun 19-Aug-07 18:21:09


I'm a childminder in Maidstone and can offer temporary childcare if that helps.

glitterball Mon 20-Aug-07 23:23:24

thanks for all your help - have booked them in for tomorrow at the leisure centre.....fingers crossed!

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