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Temporary nanny.........How much should I expect to earn?

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AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 12:27:18

Hi all,

I have more or less been offered a temporary nanny job in Kent, for 6 weeks while the mother is away. Could anyone give some idea as to what I can be expected to be paid, as I am returning to work after bringing up my own little darlings!!!!


MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 12:35:00

Is it live-in, out? What hours? Do they need you to drive/ provide your own car? shared/sole charge? how many/ ages of children? All these details change what the salery is. Are you qualified? As a mum you should expect more than someone without kiddies as your experienced, but qualifications make a difference. Look at the ads on gumtree and compare your job with some there, and see what is offered.

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 12:42:37

It's live in, sole charge, driving, car provided, one child, and I'm asuming it's 24 hour care. I don't have all the details as yet, but wanted to get an idea of salary, so as I can negotiate.

I am not qualified, but have been employed as nanny for three families, before I had my own kids.

I have looked at quite a few ads, but there doesn't seem to be anything for a temporary 24 hour, sole charge nanny.

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 12:49:08

Crikey! is it 7 days a week? thats insane! how old is charge, eg will you be getting up in the night? Why is the mum going away? (no relevance to pay, but im nosy!) You should be getting between what a live-in nanny and maternity nurse gets I suppose, assuming charge is not still waking up, in which case maternity nurse wages. This is a tricky one! If I personally was offered this, I'd take it and ask for around 500-550npw? and a really decent kitty to cover all your and charges food, petrol and check the MOT and tax isnt due, that would be a nasty suprise!

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 12:49:24

I'm sorry, I believe it's a "normal" nanny position.

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 12:51:42

Blimey!!! There's a kitty as well??? I really have no idea as I haven't done full time nannying for a LONG time. Things have certainly changed!!!!

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 12:52:26

Oh thats different, you neednt worry about car etc if a parent is there! In a normal nanny position I'd go for a normal nanny wage, even if you're unqualified emphasize your experience and maturity! Outside London I think its around 250-300 net, plus food and petrol for work use.

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 12:55:04

the cost of 1 oclock clubs, food for the nipper and other bits must be covered by the parents, usually a kitty is provided which they top up. some ask for all reciepts most are fine with recipts for larger stuff like the nappies etc but dont mind the pennies. Im having trouble with this at the mo, im paying myself for food, keys cut etc and trust me its not good! Im skint!

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 12:57:28

Aha! Ok thank you very much.

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 12:58:28

how old is your charge?

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 13:01:51

I have read your thread, and quite frankly, I think I would bail out right now! It doesn't sound good at all. I don't know how old you are, but I know that the advice I would give to my kids would be to get out. However.......... I wouldn't stop at that. I would be on the phone or "seeing" them in person! People like that are all too willing to take advantage.

Give them an ultimatum: Either sort it NOW, or I leave!!! That's my advice sweetheart.

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 13:03:02

She's nine.

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 13:07:28

Thanks poppet! Im 24 and Ive been an employer so I know how things get, sometimes ou just dont realise how employees are feeling. Thats why I havent just gone! seriously Ive been alone in this house since friday, good job Im honest I could have cleared out the place! Or had a wicked party... Im so damn honest!

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 13:08:25

How old are your own kids? are they at home still?

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 13:29:56

It just reeks of "something's not right" to me, but hey! I'm not the best judge of things.

My kids are 25, 23, and 19 So, it's time for me to flee the nest!!!!

AlbaSaaby Sun 19-Aug-07 13:30:50

Sorry............Yes, the two youngest are still at home, and can't wait for me to go!!! LOL.

MightyMoosh Sun 19-Aug-07 14:02:50

I suppose that makes me feel better for being at home till now! previous live-in job was temp (Brussels) then I came back, two sisters 23 and 18 both at home. Sure they miss me!

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