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what per cent pay rise?

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hatwoman Thu 16-Aug-07 11:23:11

we've had our nanny for 2 years - in this time her net hourly rate has gone up a lot - started at £6 is now £7.88 (which is a gross hourly rate of £9.89). This equates roughly to a 31 per cent increase over 2 years. However the increase has come by decreasing her hours whilst keeping her total pay the same. She is due an annual pay rise - this time no intent of reducing her hours. But I am really trying to stop it pushing me over into the realms of paying to go to work (well, if truth be known, I do end up paying, but not much and I don;t want it to get more). a 3 per cent increase would be do-able from my pov - but does that seem incredibly mean? for 2.5 days a week her net increase would be £300 a year (gross increase of £441). is that really mean?

WanderingTrolley Thu 16-Aug-07 11:32:52

I would have a quick phone around the agencies to see how her current pay compares with her contemporaries' to begin with. Her salary as it is depends on where you live, her experience etc.

What's inflation at the moment? I have entirely forgotten the difference between RPI and CPI inflation, but someone more knowledgeable might help out.

RPI is 3.8% and CPI is 1.9%, if that helps.

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