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Argghh! Ofsted voluntary registration

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Annner Tue 14-Aug-07 09:32:37

Oh, blimey.

Our poor nanny. We've only just got her Surestart registration sorted out (well, last November...) and we have been advised by Accor to start the re-registration process going ALREADY.

So I've filled in the form on Ofsted's website and, guess what. She's got to have ANOTHER CRB check - the second in less than 12 months. Same employer (moi), same kids. I suppose that she might have managed to squeeze in a life of crime between nappy changes and playgroup, but somehow I doubt it.

Someone's making lots of luverley lolly out of this. And it ain't me.

And they wonder why so many parents pay nannies cash in hand. Gah.

Annner Tue 14-Aug-07 09:36:33

Oh, and ... voluntary, my rearend. We HAVE to to use our Accor vouchers.

Can you tell that I'm less than impressed?

KaySamuels Tue 14-Aug-07 09:40:23

Same for childminders soon anner, and we will be footing the bills ourselves too. Supposedly voluntary again but parents can't claim for childcare if you are not on this 'voluntary' register, so would put yourself out of business if you don't go on it or skint yourself for 'voluntary registration fee'. Grr!

I honestly don't know what they are thinking of because it can't be parents or child carers needs.

Annner Tue 14-Aug-07 09:46:34

It's just sooo over the top. YES, have CRB checks - but two in nine months?? And we have to pay it all, of course, although Ofsted assume that the applicant is our nanny, and that it is actually in her interests to apply!

Yet the only reason why parents do it is so that they can use their childcare vouchers, which are supposedly ours by right.

As a teacher I only pay 40 odd quic a year towards my registration with the GTC, which fulfills the same function as the Ofsted register. Docs and nurses are the same. Yet for a nanny, as a small employer, or you as a small business, we have to absorb the entire cost. So unfair.

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