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Staff Room Monday Week of the Holidays and counting.

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Shoshable Mon 13-Aug-07 07:41:55

Goddmorning all switched the urn on and just nipping out to the tea shop for cakes.

KaySamuels Mon 13-Aug-07 07:55:51

Good morning! Sat waiting for mindee to arrive, nice and sunny here.

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 08:04:41

Morning all, We're half way through the hols now!

So far my summer hol plan has not gone to plan at all lol!! Strawberry picking was shut on the day we wanted to go but we ended up on a canal boat instead which was good! I was planning to go to the farm this week but little mindee is off so thought i might wait til mindee is back next week and do something thats more for the older ones.

Today we are just going to play in the garden with paddling pool, ball games etc perhaps do some craft type stuff too

looneytune Mon 13-Aug-07 08:22:26

Morning all. I'm not working today but I need some advice and it's the type of thing I can only ask whilst hiding in he staff room....hope that's ok?

Who remembers the story about the au pair who has the 2 sisters I have, and how badly she's treated like a slave etc???? Well...............the 2 sisters and parents are away for long pair said wouldn't go as she wants her weekends to herself like agreed. They said 'oh, but it will only be evening babysitting etc..' yeah right!!! (it was bad when they were abroad for 2 weeks very recently). Anyway................she packed her bags and left yesterday, moved to a new family (much better set up and won't be treated like slave etc!).

This is my question.......I've not got the sisters today and tomorrow which is why I'm not working today. Now, the au pair said she was going to text the parents later yesterday to let them know she's left as they are due to be full with b&b's tonight and no one there to sort them. So, she's presuming they'll come back early (unless they get someone else to cover). IF they come back and IF they phone to say they need me, I have a problem. I've agreed to look after my friends 2 children for emergency cover as they have no childcare for tomorrow (that's another story) and can't let her down.

As these parents had told me they don't need me, shall I stick with the other children to look after? I don't want a reputation for letting people down and after all, the parents did say they didn't need me til Wednesday?

What do you think?

LT x

Katymac Mon 13-Aug-07 08:26:55

Would you be over your numbers if you had them all?

I'd stick with who you have booked in - after all officially you know nothing about the au-pair

looneytune Mon 13-Aug-07 08:31:56

Yes, the girls are both under 5 and so are the kiddies I've booked in so I'm full that day. That's what I thought. I'm just worried in case the mum phones me up all desperate and asks if I can have them. I'll just say sorry, I've booked others in I'm afraid. So, you think that's ok then?

Off to get dressed and sort ds out, having a lazy start to the day

Katymac Mon 13-Aug-07 08:35:48

I would - you can't not book people in just because you might be needed

KaySamuels Mon 13-Aug-07 08:55:05

I would stick to the friend's kids you have booked, they are hardly gonna take the hump and give you notice with no au pair to pick up the slack are they! Just apologise profusely, and say you cannot possibly have them, as you are full, and if you had the space of course you would have had them. Fab news for the au apir, really pleased she got out, may cause chaos for you for a while though!If they need you for extra hours make sure you bill them for it and get the money off them!

looneytune Mon 13-Aug-07 09:06:58

Katymac - thanks, that's the way I see, just wanted a bit of reassurance

KaySamuels - yep, she finally escaped!! On their 2 week holiday she had the baby in with her so was up at 6.30 every morning whilst mum slept in til 10, she basically did everything for the baby for the 2 weeks plus was given lists of cleaning jobs etc to do (they were staying at mums dad's place!). She basically never stopped working with them, this new family is a little more money, hardly any work in comparison and she gets her own 2 bed place next door so just turns up to main house for hours agreed But, yes, I feel really nervous as I helped her (gave a lift there) but have to act as if I don't know anything when they tell me . Yes, I will really apologise and say of course I would if didn't have others (if they ask me that is). And IF they need me to do 6.45am starts like before the au pair (instead of now 8.20), I will agree but it will be the usual increased rate (meaning approx £144 extra a month for both).

Thanks for the advice, feel much better now

ju Mon 13-Aug-07 09:42:00

Morning all. [talking with mouthful of cake] Looney I would do the same, ie you have already taken booking so not available. I've got 2 today, baby is asleep and toddler is building train track with my boys. We're going to trot around the village in a bit, visit an elderly couple. OFSTED loved that I took mindees there, roughly once a month, because of them being of a different generation ie mindees mixing with other than children. Must dash, complicated construction needs assistance

MightyMoosh Mon 13-Aug-07 10:39:34

Morning all, my last day at home! My mums already missing me, dads gone all if you need any help at all, call me... I was only home between jobs! I've got a couple of days settling in (last nanny they appointed mucked them around apparently, so I've got to prove myself) then away with family to Dorset- the families second home is in Upwey which is about halfway between Weymouth and Dorchester apparently, anyone near there? I think Shoshable you are in Dorset? Hope its nice. bye now, gotta pack!

PinkChick Mon 13-Aug-07 11:13:45

hold on tho..throws spanner in works..can you /do you cahrge parent while the kids are away? if so i dont know if you can charge again for the other two and refuse her your care if she asks????..does that make sense? if she mum still needs you, she has paid you a holiday retainer to keep her place IYSWIM?

Shoshable Mon 13-Aug-07 12:31:34

Godd afternoon ladies, we have been baking, so who would like fairy cakes and victoria sandwich, (4 year old mindee, speaed the jam on the cake and on her hands, accidently on purpose methinks, so she could lick it off )

dmo Mon 13-Aug-07 12:52:54

this is my last week then i'm on holiday in sunny spain for 2 weeks
the count down is on ...............
my own boys have gone to their nanas for a week (went last night) so its bliss here and they will be back on friday ready for our flight on the saturday

just wanted to ask...............
its my sons 10th birthday on 19th aug and we will be away i think we should take the presents with us but dh thinks we should wait till we get home cause of weight ect in our suitcases its also our friends little girls 4th birthday while we are away and they are coming with us so i also have to take her presents too
what would you do?

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 12:58:14

Have i just been a bit harsh or not? I gave each child (2mindees and my dd1) a yogurt each (3 dif flavours) My dd really played up about the flavour of hers and was trying to get mindee to have strawberry instead so she could have her fav 1 but mindee hates strawberries with a passion i said stop being awkward and just eat it or i will take it off you, in the end i got so irritated with her being awkward (this is not the first time she has tried to go out of her way to annoy mindee, she seems to have taken a dislike to him and wants to create trouble) so i took the yogurt off her and binned it. Was i too harsh?

dmo Mon 13-Aug-07 13:01:59

not at all i would have done the same

PinkChick Mon 13-Aug-07 13:02:32

dmo, we fly sat too....are youe excited..although we have very late flight..hope its all on time, no delays and no hassles!

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 13:08:00

Thanks for the support DMO, She has now come to me all tears saying shes hungry and that its not fair mindee got his own way etc I have told her to go away from me until she understands that she was being nasty to mindee (they are both 8!) I explained if she had choc cake and i had a plate of worms and i tried to convince her to swap for something she really didnt like she wouldnt want to, sop why would mindee swap for something he really doesnt like but she refuses to even try to understand! (sometimes she fustrates me, is it because she is mine?)

Shoshable Mon 13-Aug-07 13:13:03

LMGs your own are always the hardest and yes you did the right thing, I have a 5 year old mindee who does the same sort of thing, actually the exact sort of thing with yogurt, she always wants the strawberry one which is all their favorites so I let them take it in turns, but mindee5 gets in a strop if its not her turn, so she dosnt get one (she does like all the rest but prefers the strawberry one.)

dmo Mon 13-Aug-07 13:18:33

i'm always meaner on my own
bet their gald they are at their nanas this wk

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 13:24:59

I think its because i expect her to know the rules and to set the standard for the others especially the younger ones.

mumlove Mon 13-Aug-07 13:42:08

Hello, I've just managed to sit down with a coffee, I have had new mindee here to play, with her mum and 2 sisters. They all played lovely together my dd 6yrs, mindees 2 & 3 yrs old, 3 girls nearly 1yr, 2yr old and 3yr old. I will be looking after the youngest one once I get back from my holiday.

My 2 yr old mindees last 2 days with me this week as she is moving onto nursery, but her dad said this morning that they might send her back for 1 day a week from October (thinking about it).

Have a lovely day as tomorrow brings rain here so they say!!

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 13:57:21

We've just been looking at the weather as i was planning a trip out but its supposed to be heavy rain so thought i would save it for friday when the weather is better, I should have checked earlier than i could have taken the kids out to a big park today instead but now dd2 is in bed and they are going home at 3pm it means wednesday we will have to stay in! Any new ideas for stuff to do when you're staying in and its raining?

looneytune Mon 13-Aug-07 18:14:29

Sorry, got busy with baking biscuits with ds then went out for the afternoon.

PC - good point, not that money is an issue as i'd give back, it's the issue of who I should I that I was asking. BUT, you've made me think. Should I not be able to take on anyone else? What if I was away and she called to ask but I couldn't help? Like maybe I'd have had a long weekend at my parents but if she needed me at last min, I wouldn't be able to help as 4 hrs away. This has got me thinking about more detail in my policies.....but what??? HELP!!!

looneytune Mon 13-Aug-07 18:15:38

who I should have

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