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.............Trunkybun.............. .waterproofs for mindees

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Shoshable Wed 08-Aug-07 13:51:14

think it was trunky that yesterday said about buying waterproofs, I bougfht these last year really worth it review&source=ABE

Shoshable Wed 08-Aug-07 16:50:25

bump for trunky

trunkybun Wed 08-Aug-07 18:56:59

Thanks so much for that shosh' I've now ordered 2 pairs over trousers. Trouble is ordered lots of other stuff too Ho Humm!

Shoshable Wed 08-Aug-07 18:58:21

you sound like me. have you changed names or do i know you?

my over trousers have just done their third winter and third child.

trunkybun Wed 08-Aug-07 19:19:59

I don't think anyone knows me on here yet!! I'm a bit of a lurker and never seem to have time to say much although I have learnt a lot from others questions! I may post later though for advice about settling in a new mindee, but first I'm off to pour myself a glass of vino collapso as am totally cream crackered today

alibubbles Wed 08-Aug-07 21:22:03

I had waterproof trousers made to measure for all my mindies in a unisex colour. They were made by a lady who I met at National Conference, her name will come to me.
They are in a lovely soft breathable fabric, but waterproof.
She elasticated the leg cuffs to make them easier to stick inside wellies, along with slippers and a gingham bag appliqued with their name, which I also provide. I use it to store their hats, gloves etc, though I have an ample supply of all those too!

I got some fabulous coats in TKMaxx redcuced from 24.99 to £7 each, lovely floral roses, dotty ones and 'boy' designs too.

Shoshable Wed 08-Aug-07 21:39:28

I bought one of those shoe holders that go over the door, all the mindees have a pocket and hats and gloves go in them, the children all have a drawer in the hallway as well which keeps all their belongings in, cos I really am not organised and that way I dont lose everything

macmama73 Wed 08-Aug-07 21:39:49

Am watching this thread with interest as my DD is hell on waterproofs. 2 years of kindergarten and 5 pairs of trousers. It would help if she would stop climbing trees in them. Have tried cheapy ones and expensive ones. Nothing lasts.

I have bought the tschibo ones thought, they were good but very warm as they are fleece lined.

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