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Staff Room .........................Monday............A bright new week

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Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 07:21:58

Good morning all, the coffee urn is on and Ive brought muffins (is it to early for muffins?)

LoveMyGirls Mon 06-Aug-07 07:42:05

Morning!! Never too early for muffins!

Hope you're all ok, i've just got back from holiday, had a fab time, kids loved it!

I've taken on another mindee (pick up 3 til 6)and have a lady coming to see me today (wants 11 to 2.30ish) so fingers crossed i will be full for under 5's in september!!!!!!!!

Got strawberry picking planned this week plus dd1 just got a trampoline for her birthday so no doubt they will all want to play on that at some point.

What have you all got planned?

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 07:48:20

Watch the tramopline, when we first got ours 5 years ago, I ached for a week

Did you have a nice time away, we are not going till Christmas.

snapD Mon 06-Aug-07 08:14:49

Need advise ladies - so quick hijack (sorry)

Have 3.5yo boy that I have been potty training (for 2 weeks) - mum came in this am and hasn't been over the weekend

Do I carry on or give up?


KaySamuels Mon 06-Aug-07 08:18:36

Morning everyone!

What did mum say about PT'ing snapD? Did she mention if she had decided tow ait a while oor had they just had a busy weekened? If she isn't going to be carrying it on at home at the moment, then it will just be confusing for you to carry on imo.

Why no put a pull up on and leave potty out on offer, and do it that way?

I have a quiet day today, just baby mindee and ds.

snapD Mon 06-Aug-07 08:22:41

She said she couldn't be bothered - I am a bit frustrated as it's going to go on for ages

I guess I'll give up

KaySamuels Mon 06-Aug-07 08:28:53

It is frustrating if ou have been potty training for two weeks, seems a shame! But if mum not doing it at home it will be confusing for him. Just leave the potty about, could still read potty stories, and keep it everyday conversation, ask if needs a wee, has he done a wee, would he like to sit on potty, but leave his pull ups on for now if thats what mum wants.

mumlove Mon 06-Aug-07 08:30:46

Ohhh is it monday already, where did the weekend go! Did well at the car boot sale on saturday made about £80 but still brought some home as we couldn't get it all out. Then went onto a party and stayed until 1am. Then spent yesterday tired and hot with DD pestering me.

snapD I would put out the potty and wait to see if the boy shows an interest in doing it today or take him when the others use the toilet.

Jackmummy Mon 06-Aug-07 08:30:47

Hi all,
I've never been in the staffroom!

SnapD - If hes 3.5yrs she better be bothered soon!

I've got the day off today so not planning on getting dressed for hours... lovely... provided dd and ds allow me!

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 08:34:53

SnapD cant believe she cant be bothered most of mne want them out as soon as poss!!! what a weird attitude to take, does she want a boy in nappies at school!!!

If he is showing a real intrest, just put him in puul ups only and have
the potty handy!

I reqally sympathise with you, some times our hardwork is not appriciated.

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 08:36:05

And welcome all newcomers to the staff room, have a muffin. {grin]

kkey21 Mon 06-Aug-07 08:43:45

Wow-3.5yrs and Mum can't be bothered-that bothers me! I nannied for a family who's little girl i trained in the day at 2.5yrs old and when i left she was 4yrs and they hadn't attmepted to do the nights as they couldn't be bothered-she even told me she asks for a wee and they ignore her as they are too tired!
My son is turning 2 this month and he has been dry over a month now!

BTW Great muffins!

MaureenMLove Mon 06-Aug-07 09:55:45

Morning gang! How are we all? Can't believe its blinkin raining! Still very hot though. It looks a bit like a chinese laundry in my house atm. I did an hours ironing before mindee got here at 7.30 and as soon as she's asleep, I'll be putting it all away. I hate being this untidy, but it was worth it for the fab time we had last week.
This is my last week with mindee for a while, she's was a breech baby and has a dislocated hip that needs setting. Both mum & me have agreed we will learn together, what to do after the op. Poor little thing. Anyone had any experience of baby in leg plaster? She's 14 months btw.

ju Mon 06-Aug-07 10:20:30

Morning all ! Shosha it's NEVER too early for muffins Hiya Mo nope no experience of a child in plaster. I've got my two boys plus baby mindee (asleep ) and toddler mindee to day till 4.30. We will be chalking their outline on the patio, usually looks like a murder scene from CSI by the time we've finished !

Katymac Mon 06-Aug-07 12:49:14

Afternoon everyone

I had a little girl in plaster boots (so not the same)

We had to be careful when she was walking as her new weight was very great. Also she kicked us a lot when we picked her up - which really hurt

I don't think that will be relevant to you tho'

MightyMoosh Mon 06-Aug-07 12:58:08

Hi all. About potty training, do schools take kids in nappies? I'm sure the school I worked at didnt. And I know in Belgium the school took children from as soon as they were potty trained, which is why my little charge was full-time at 2 1/2.

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 13:12:45

aaaaargggggggggg I have a 4 year old who will not chew, if she had shepards pie or fish pie, something that takes no effort she will eat in a resonable time, but is still always last to eat, if it is chicken which I have even tried mincing she just sits there with it in her mouth, and its not that she dossnt like chicken, she eats nuggets and such at home, I am having a problem getting her to listen to me at the moment and to do anything that is asked of her, but think that is the usual ready for school thing (she starts in sept)Ive tried everything I can think of!

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 14:00:13

Ive just realised that she is still wandering around with a piece of unchewwed chilken in her mouth 45 mins after finishing lunch agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MightyMoosh Mon 06-Aug-07 14:03:57

I feel your pain.

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 14:07:04

I have let her put it in the bin, but felt like I was giving in, as a baby she was a brilliant eater, have tried everything, blitzed it and mixed with gravy, cut into tiny bits, she does it with and 'real' meat, and she has been eating with me for 3 years!!!!!!!

MightyMoosh Mon 06-Aug-07 14:13:15

It's one of those control things, at that age eating is one of the few things they control so they make sure they do all they can to get attention/ do it their way. I know its trite and not what you want to hear but ignore it as best you can. No child will ever ever starve themselves on purpose unless their upbringing supports it and thats a WHOLE new issue! This your child or are you a cm?

MaureenMLove Mon 06-Aug-07 14:14:31

Oh dear, thats not good. I had one of those, although she was only 2, so she grew out of it. I don't know what to suggest tbh. Do you think she's worried about starting school? Sounds like an attention thing, maybe she thinks that if she acts like a baby, she won't have to go to school.

MightyMoosh Mon 06-Aug-07 14:14:41

Guess I should have read your profile before putting that... fancy me giving advice to you!

Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 14:17:33

Moosh have been a CM for almost 30 years, and yep your right it is to do with control, she is a very bright child and at the moment is trying my patience no end, she had been the youngest in this setting for two years, last year a little boy came in a 2 years younger and this all started, a 9 month old stared in January and the little boy left in May as was posted and was replaced with a 7 month old, she really hasnt liked it at all.


Shoshable Mon 06-Aug-07 14:18:24

moosh can always take advise, new things are coming up everyday love

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