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No Observations

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Princesspickle777 Mon 19-Aug-19 14:07:36

I’m just looking for opinions in this to see if I’m overreacting and being precious.
My DD started with her childminder in April, she only goes for 1 day a week but is pretty settled.
The childminder uses baby’s days to record everything so I can see on the app on my phone. Since starting the only observations on her file are the parent ones I’ve submitted myself.
I work in education and spent a good few years working in a pre school/nursery, we used to have to have 2 observations completed per week per child which I know is not a requirement but it was nice to see and it work when tracking development.
Am I right in thinking that no observations at all in 4 months isn’t right?. The childminder works daily with an assistant so isn’t on her own.

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itsaboojum Mon 19-Aug-19 17:22:39

But you say it yourself: it is not a requirement. The only required documents are the Two Year Progress Check and the EYFS Profile at the end of reception year.And, with all due respect, just because you’ve done things one particular way at another setting, doesn’t mean she or any other childcare provider has to do it that way.

I’ve had the Babysdays sales pitch on several occasions, and they’re always at some pains to stress it’s not exclusively an observations software application: it’s a whole childcare management package. The observations tools are just one of about a hundred features, and every single feature, including the observations, is intended to be optional. It’s entirely up to your childminder if she uses it for observations, attendance records, policies, paperwork, risk assessments or anything else.

A lot of the criticism of these software systems is that their very accessibility has led to situations in which the tail wags the dog: office-bound nursery staff spending whole afternoons frantically tapping away at laptops merely to fill near-insatiable parental hunger for apparent 'achievements' and 'milestones'.

None of this is to say you’re being particularly precious. Different parents have different levels of interest/concern in their children's development and what they do in childcare. It’s not for me to judge where any mum sits on a scale between 'precious' and 'neglectful'.

I get the feeling you and your childminder have rather different expectations on this subject. What did you agree between you before starting what was going to be done in the way of learning records?

ChildminderMum Mon 19-Aug-19 22:52:27

I don't write any observations.

SMaCM Tue 20-Aug-19 11:11:21

The difference between a pre school / nursery and a CM is that the CM gets to know each individual child really well and can observe and keep the information about progress in their head. She may also have a way to write it down, but it isn't necessary. I chose not to use an online system I trialled, because it was making me record things that really didn't truly reflect the children in my care.

Did she talk to you before you started about how she observes and how she uses the online system? Maybe she just uses it for daily notes and your feedback? Or for accident forms or a register? She doesn't have to use the whole thing. We all do things differently.

Anyway ... the best thing to do would be to arrange to have a chat at a mutually convenient time and see how your child is getting on.

jannier Tue 20-Aug-19 12:34:58

I dont use an online system as it takes too long, most observations are by photo or in my head I know what the child is doing and next steps. I do my local authorities tracker just like school. Have you asked your childminder about your childs progress and if you can have more photos? With one day a week there wont be an awful lot especially as settling anx getting to know the real child takes time and one day makes it all slower. Most settings take 4 weeks of full time just to decide on starting points

itsaboojum Tue 20-Aug-19 14:35:59

In less than two weeks Ofsted will begin a new inspection framework in which they will pay absolutely no regard to written observations.

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