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CM Club - advice please!!!!!!!!

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star1976 Wed 01-Aug-07 08:51:09

Couple of things so please bear with me!

Doing cover for someone who's CM is on holiday this week, had the child before and the mum paid me £4.50 per hour. Just paid me for the week (sealed envelope and just checked) and has paid equivalent of £4.00 an hour!

To be honest £4.50 is over what I normally charge, but as she paid it before, and we never dicussed it changing, do I mention that she owes me more?

Also, was talking to another mindee's mum yesterday and mentioned that I had worked on Saturday as a one off. She asked if that is something I am willing to do, and I kind of didn't know what to say! This is going to sound really awful but any other child and I would say yes, but this mindee is a bit of a nightmare at the moment, and DP would KILL me if I agreed to have her on a Saturday. Also when I worked last Saturday it was for 3 sisters so more financially worth it!!! What do I say if she does ask me to do it?

And, finally..... took kids to paddling pool at park yesterday and put a mindee in one of my DS's t-shirts. Couldn't see a t-shirt in her bag and thought would be easier for mum if I used DS's and just stuck it in the washer.

Showed her picture of her DD playing and she asked what she was wearing so I explained. Came this morning and said that yes there was a t-shirt in the bag (amongst the rain, coat, wellies, shoes, jacket, winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves and sun hat!!!) and she would 'prefer' it if I put her daughter in her own clothes in future. Very snottily!!!

Was only trying to help! Wasn't even an old t-shirt but a nice one in the girls favourtie colour!!!!

Moan over!

PinkChick Wed 01-Aug-07 09:15:00

hi chick!..they should be grateful you do nice things with them not worry about not having their own t-shirt on!..esp as you saved her from having to take home a soggy top and wash it out!

reg sat work-if you dont want to mind this child then say no if she asks again, say it was a one off and normallly your weekends are too precious to give up..if you happen to look after girls agian, and she says something, just tell her(even tho you shouldnt have too) it was emergency and you fellt you couldnt say no!..nothing to do with her tho!

the mum whos paid 50p less, what does she normally pay her own cm?, maybe its £4 and she hasnt thought? or maybe tried to pull a fast one?..if it makes a big difference to you and it may be a reg thing, speak to her tonight and say something along lines of think there was a amistake, you actually charge xxx amount as you did last time and as nothing had changed you thought she would already know, but sorry for not confirming its my fault for confusion etc etc..then bill her for diference.

star1976 Wed 01-Aug-07 09:31:51

Well my portfolio says £4.50 and when the mum first came (Feb half term) she said that was fine (was expecting to have to reduce it as usual) as that is what she pays her other childminder.

Problem is have promised kids will take them to soft play today and even though it is only £25 extra that she owes, wouldn't have promised soft play if had known wasn't getting it, iykwim?

PinkChick Wed 01-Aug-07 15:12:44

oh def bring it up, she may have forgot?{hmm}, but just say you thikn she's paid under by xxx and that this is your fee, which is same as xxx and that it should bexxx, im sure shell be fine esp as other one charges same!

star1976 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:19:41

I was brave and asked!!

She is bring the extra tomorrow. Just worried now that I have ruined any chance of her coming back here again (and in desperate need of the work).

PinkChick Wed 01-Aug-07 19:15:18

thing is chick she knew what your charges were before and even if she did forget and not try to swing lead, she woudl have expected you to ask! did she answer when you brought it up?

star1976 Wed 01-Aug-07 20:57:15

I brought it up by saying 'really sorry to have to mention this but the last time I had XXXX the agreed rate was £4.50 per hour'

She said 'oh yes I was going to ask you about that, is it still the same?' and I said yes ('if that's ok', in my usual god I hate mentioning money manner).

She just said 'that's fine I will bring the difference tomorrow'.

Just had some news which is both good and bad! Mindee(who is currently driving me to distraction)'s mum has just called. Her other childminder (has her 2 days a week, very strange set up) is out of action for forseeable future, can I cover extra days.

Of course had to say yes (need the money) but am dreading the extra days with her. I know that that sounds terrible, but she really is a monster at the moment (at the admission of her parents). So far this week she has tried to bite my DS (previously bitten him and another mindee), scratched his face and thrown a toy at his head leaving a massive bruise! And she is only 16 months! Always been a bit high maintenance but it is getting ridiculous! Tell me it will get better!!!!!!

PinkChick Thu 02-Aug-07 08:27:25

good for you..she was obv swinging the lead then as if she wasnt sure she would have asked!

maybe the 16 month old may settle if she comes to you more, sounds very unsettled..hope im right for your and you LO sake.x

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