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A few questions about overnight care....

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lunavix Mon 30-Jul-07 16:16:23

I'm registered for overnight care, but have never even been asked for it. I'm registered for two children under 8, due to the fact I used to mind twins. At the moment however I don't have a spare room, I have a three bed house and the kids have a room each.

Someone has phoned about full time overnight care. They actually only work until midnight.

I'm so tempted to give it a go, although currently I'm working 8 - 6 as is, and this would probably be 6 - 8! Nuts, I know.

Has anyone done days and nights? How do minded kids fit in with your family overnight?

And how much do you charge, especially in relation to normal hourly rate, would you charge extra as it's 14 hours, and what about meals etc....

looneytune Mon 30-Jul-07 16:38:38

luna, very busy so can't help now but i'll come back later - give me a nudge on Facebook if I forget!

crace Mon 30-Jul-07 19:03:44

can I hijack with another question - can you provide overnight care without a spare room available? I had one of my usual parents ask for this, and asked if I could just "stick her in with yours". My daughter is 19 months, and this little girls is 15 months and I have another bed in her room.

Is this possible?

lunavix Mon 30-Jul-07 20:57:20

crace - probably one best for Ofsted. I know I had a spare room when I was registered for two, technically I don't now but I can stick dd in with ds...

looneytune Tue 31-Jul-07 08:48:07

Hi, I did forget to come back didn't I (sorry, was busy sorting portfolio for a meeting this afternoon)

I know Ofsted say minded children should be in a seperate bedroom but I also know people who don't always do this in certain circumstances, obviously with the parents being ok with things.

I'm registered for 2 overnight and only have one spare room but thats because I mayu have 2 sisters together. I wouldn't have kids from 2 different families at the same time anyway so that's fine for me.

As I think you know, I've not long been registered for overnight care, about a few weeks. Well, I knew I was having a baby on a certain night, whole reason for registering, but then last minute I had the 2 sisters the night before the baby so I did the usual 8.15-6.30 shifts and then 2 nights in a row had overnight stays.

These are mindees we already have, all have good routine so the bedtime routine went great, great novelty for ds, all slept through the night so great HOWEVER I felt shattered because I didn't sleep well due to constant listening out for them.

So, I was very very tired with working all day and what felt like all night HOWEVER if you're doing this all the time, you'll probably find that you get used to it and get over the keeping one ear open all night thing Not sure dh would be happy with ME doing it that regular due to him having to sort ds out in the evening whilst I sorted the other kiddies out. I think the question about how smoothly it goes/how they fit in with your family really depends on the child you are having iyswim. for charges.......I had no idea and came on here plus talked to baby's mum about it as she's the one that wanted me to register so I could do say once a month. She was using night nurse rates to get to what she wanted to pay. She told me her dh said £50 a night and she thought £70. I said how about £60 then but she insisted on £70 so that's what my rate is. And of course, I want to be fair and charge everyone the same so that's what I charge, but with a discount for siblings. The only extra meal was the sisters having breakfast in the morning - didn't charge extra as that's part of my overnight care service and included in my overnight fee.

Gosh, feel like I babbled on there, hope some of it makes sense!

You say that you don't have a spare room. How old is this child and where would you put them? Just make sure that if they are sharing, the parent knows the arrangements and are happy with them

lunavix Tue 31-Jul-07 20:30:40

No i have a room I could use, I'd put dd in with ds and therefore her room would be the spare room. The kids are siblings so they'd share.

The average around here is £40 overnight... although I imagine I'd charge more as she wants longer than 12 hours...

at £70 lol

PinkChick Wed 01-Aug-07 15:52:47

i charge £77-84 per night(6.30pm-8.30am).
I think if you know the children and are confident they will sleep through then go for it!, tell parent it is trial run as you dont know how it will effect you during the day and play it by givre it a try..even at £40 its still ok, what time do you charge the £40 from-too?

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