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This topic is for discussing childcare options. If you want to advertise, please use your Local site.

Mothers help advice

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Vicx Sat 28-Jul-07 04:02:58

Hi there,
i'm looking for mothers help for my three kids aged 2,1 and newborn.
Can anyone advise me whats the going rate for north/greater london?
And where's the best place to advertise?
Would be very appreciative of any advice you can give me.

kittywits Sat 28-Jul-07 22:42:36

I've just got my mother's help by advertising on 'Gumtree'. Can't help with rates i live in Brighton. Good luck

Vicx Sun 29-Jul-07 22:43:40

Oh hadn't thought of Gumtree. Will have a look.

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