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So, has anyone got a great au-pair or nanny going spare?

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roastytoasty Fri 27-Jul-07 12:39:12

My DD is 4 and about to go to school so we need to re-jig arrangements because previous pre-school/nursery had the long hours we needed and now that is all changing it looks like we need live-in help. We've had au-pairs before, but I think we need either a very experienced au-pair or a nanny because the after school sole care hours will be quite longish.

We've trawled round the usual sites but as usual we would kill to have any personal recommendations.... we are based in the countryside between Ashford/Canterbury so a driver is preferable (but not absolutely essential).

A long shot, but please post if you know of anyone.... we are pretty flexible and can accomodate a student or do a nanny split or something, and can offer long or short hours...

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