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Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 08:03:32

Well first week down, Rain! Kids! Holidays! Who invented them????? Need some coffee

KaySamuels Fri 27-Jul-07 08:09:47

I have had a quiet week, rain here too.
Found a load of raspberries yesterday so going back today to pick some with ds! Yummy!

Have a good day everyone.

Katymac Fri 27-Jul-07 08:28:43


Coffee????? I need alcohol (& I don't drink)

PinkChick Fri 27-Jul-07 08:32:45

grunt..want to go back to bed and have someone look after me and dd instead of me rrunning round like a headless chicken all the fed up today, although sun is shining, feel really crappy and cant be botherd..oh and am not working so you think id be at least pleased with that!..someone cheer me up please

KaySamuels Fri 27-Jul-07 08:35:54

PC - Have a nice ten mins with dd, read a story together, or sit and do some colouring or something, it's really nice to do this with jusst your own for ten minutes, add some caffeine to the mix and your mood will improve guaranteed!

Katymac - I was craving alcohol yesterday and I'm not a big drinker either - I blame the holidays!!

Katymac Fri 27-Jul-07 08:36:34

Yes but at 8.30 IN THE MORNING????

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 08:41:26

Oh dear Katy what has happened tell auntie shosha

Katymac Fri 27-Jul-07 08:44:53

Nothing really

i had some alcohol in a pudding on Wednesday night (we had a works night out) & I felt so ill yesterday. Alcohol doesn't really agree with my system & I ended up in bed by 6.30 last night & slept through to 7am

I'm still feeling a bit rough

I suppose I should remember to ask if there is alcohol in the pudd - but it's rare that it is alcohol - it's essence more often than not & that's fine

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 08:49:13

I know what you mean, I don't drink either I have Fibromyalgia with chronic sleep disorder, so like you alcohol just upsets my system, and its not worth the drinking.

fifilou Fri 27-Jul-07 11:48:43

hit everyone. am on a train to manchester to meet my abfan then to spain. phone connection notgreat but wanted to let mo know it was bfn this morning. see you all soon xx

looneytune Fri 27-Jul-07 11:56:02

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good day.

Fifilou - sorry about the BFN, didn't know you were trying. Are you on the August TTC thread? If not, come and join us

Also.....I NEED HELP please.......I now do overnight care for my double pay baby, prob about once a month (it's all new, only done once)....well....mum chatted to me this morning and mentioned she knows I don't get to go out and so she'd more than happy for ds to stay at her overnight to help us out on occasions, she really doesn't mind blabla. Now I feel really awkward about charging the £70 a night BUT this was HER fixing the rate, not me. WTF do I say/do when next mentioned?

MaureenMLove Fri 27-Jul-07 12:21:55

Afternoon all. Another day without kids! Although I've just cut the grass and neighbours kids were nearly killing each other and since I mind them I really wanted to tell them off!I stopped myself though! Bad luck Fifi, just think of the beer you can drink on holiday now without worrying. This is month 1, so it was a lot to ask I suppose. Have a good trip chick!
LT, fifi is on a couple of tcc threads if you look. I just happened to click on an interesting looking title last month and it was hers! Re: Your problem. I'd be careful not to let a friendship get in the way of business if I was you. Once you start doing things without being part of the cm deal, it'll start getting difficult and you will feel guilty about payments. Personally, even if it did mean I didn't get out much, I think I'd make excuses tbh.

looneytune Fri 27-Jul-07 12:25:48

Cheers, that's what I thought, will just tell her we can't afford to get out anyway It's just when you're on the spot, it's hard to know what to say isn't it!

I haven't notice her on TTC threads but will go and check. This is my first month of trying so not been on many threads.

Right, hoping baby will have a nice long sleep as didn't have much of a nap this morning. Off to make lunch and a nice cup of tea

MaureenMLove Fri 27-Jul-07 12:37:49

This was her most recent one.

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 12:43:14

oh girls , my house is fab and clean and tidy, third time my cleaner is in, and she had gone right through today, finished at 12.00 mindee finished at 12.30 only had to wash her lunch dishes and i walked around thinking YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, and its only me this weekend so it will stay tidy.

MaureenMLove Fri 27-Jul-07 12:48:22

Good for you! What you gonna do for the weekend then? I've got a spit spot house too. DD has been away since Monday and not back til Sunday. My house still as tidy as when I did it yesterday! Just the ironing to do tonight and then the weekend is mine. I did warn dh, that I might go down the pub with him tonight, but its white van man pub, so I think I'll give it a miss! Its just nice to keep him on his toes!

crace Fri 27-Jul-07 12:51:19

Hello ya'll, sorry been up to my eyeballs with ad hoc mindees and though only have two plus my own coming and going, am shattered! Will read and report back later

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 12:54:18

Gonna take DGd shopping for school tousers before they all sell out, and then for tea out somewhere, havnt seen her since last friday as she is now back with her mother, so really looking forward to it. Then Sunday going to the HUGE car boot sale, i love a rumage around them.

mumlove Fri 27-Jul-07 13:20:52

Having my lunch time coffee while mindee is asleep, DD is watching barbie repunzel (sp). It's still dry here but cloudy, went to hamworthy park to go in the paddling pool and they have drained it, DD was not impressed.

Shosha What car boot do you go to?

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 13:25:18

Going to Ashley Wood one I think, is it open do you know?

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 13:28:46

Actually just googled it and found a site that tells you allthe local ones and when they are open

mumlove Fri 27-Jul-07 13:33:59

Shosha Do you mean ashley heath by moors valley, what website did you find?

Shoshable Fri 27-Jul-07 13:36:44

here ML yes the moors valley one

mumlove Fri 27-Jul-07 13:54:33

Thanks for that, will have to see what ones I haven't been to.

PinkChick Fri 27-Jul-07 14:43:26

thanks for earlier Kay, braved the town(two buses sailed past us, disregarding me and dd stood in rain at open bus stop, so mood was not helped!), got what we needed in town then off to dentist which was fine now getting ready to take dd to this umming and ahhing about getting a taxi(got dp to leave dd's booster cushion just incase?) its very grey clouds, but may blow over? a good hour walk so dont want to get caught in rain!..and dd has been asking every 10 seconds since waking this morning "when are we going to the party"?? getting dp to call to morrisons for red bull for me!, need energy and enthusiasm!

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