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******************** STAFF ROOM - Thurs ********************

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looneytune Thu 26-Jul-07 10:28:34 staff room today......[opens door and puts the kettle on]

Well, I've had a headache all week due to my sinuses and today is the worst, thank god baby arrived around 9am and went straight down for a nap. Depending on what time she wakes up, I may/may not be going to toddler group. It's cold and horrible here today, so depressing.

What's everyone else up to then? I really should be doing some paperwork whilst baby is asleep but been busy cuddling ds as he's not very well

One good thing though......had 4 enquiries recently for my space in January and I know Saz73, who lives near me, has also had some calls. Are things picking up elsewhere due to the holidays? Anyway, if you haven't seen my thread about deposits etc, please can you have a look for me as I could do with a few more responses to help me decide

Oh, oh, that the SUN!!! [runs to the window to check as can't quite believe it]

Shoshable Thu 26-Jul-07 13:25:21

Hi can i just show you the portrait that Band of Mothers did of DGd. It is on my profile, she is going to put a ad on MN for them.

MaureenMLove Thu 26-Jul-07 13:36:31

Blimey - its packed in here isn't it?
Shosh - thats beautiful and so is DGD. I trust she takes after her nan!
I've got no kids til monday week, so I haven't really got a good reason to be in here, other than dd is away too and I'm bored!
Had a good old chat with Fifilou last night. She's good and getting ready to go to Spain on Friday. She may post us a quick note before she goes tomorrow.
Hope your head feels better soon LT. Have you tried Sinutabs? They're pretty good and also holding a hot fannel on your sore bits - works for me!

PinkChick Thu 26-Jul-07 13:39:16

lovely pic shosh!, i was far too late getting in there..but hope she takes on some more as practice

mumlove Thu 26-Jul-07 13:48:40

Had a dry morning here so took DD out to play and had a go on the swings muself too. Started to rain when we left and it's now pouring down.
Just having a coffee before going to visit my mum.

Looney hope the sinuses get better soon.
Shosha thats a lovely picture.

Shoshable Thu 26-Jul-07 14:21:59

She is indeed going to do others, take a peek in the tea shop, but there is a queue

Mo of course she takes after me

mumlove Thu 26-Jul-07 18:03:14

The weather is just great, horrid all day then near 4pm the sun shines!!

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