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Question for KatyMac about puddings

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lostinlace Tue 24-Jul-07 15:37:06

Just read your posts on 'meals & treats' thread & wondered if I understood what you were doing, because if I have it sounds like a really useful idea. Do you give your children/mindees the healthy part of their pudding a set amount of time after they've started eating & the 'treat' part only when they've finished (or as good as) their dinner? Like this idea as it means they get a pudding but only get the treat bit if they're really hungry.

Is this right, and if so, does it work or do you still get complaints/'I'm not hungry' .... 'I'm hungry again' attempts to get the pud.

Katymac Tue 24-Jul-07 17:56:32

No - if they eat their meal they get both bits of pud (usually swirled around so they can pick the icecream/custard/cake out & leave the fruit

But then most of them love the fruit anyway

So 12 put dinner on the table

12.20 (ish) give pudding to those who deserve & fruit to those who don't

12.40 (ish) remove everything

So child can
a) eat no dinner
b) eat fruit
c) eat dinner
d) have cake/custard/ice cream

or not


dmo Tue 24-Jul-07 18:43:28

i used to be really hung up if mindees didnt eat their dinner but now i dont worry as much
12.00 put dinner out
12.20 put fruit out
12.40 yohurt

Mojomummy Tue 31-Jul-07 20:08:00

may have missed an earlier conversation here - but looks like the fruit is the bad deal here ? Is this a good message ?

will check the other thread....

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