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6mth review-what would you do?

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kkey21 Tue 17-Jul-07 11:08:42

Hi all-i have a review coming up with my mindee's as they have both been here 6mths now..(Different familes)
Family 1:I have alreday mentioned that there will be NO fee increase (the Mum seemed quite shocked!)
I do however wonder if any of you maybe give 'notice' of a fee increase, as i do intend to increase in January 2008.

Family 2: Not changing as big boy is off to school so hours/fees changing anyway.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

KaySamuels Tue 17-Jul-07 12:24:53

I would just maybe mention during the reiview that your fees will be going up by a small amount in the new year, and you will let them know again nearer the time (I sent a letter to all parents with date and details of change).

It's also a good time to sort out any little niggles, and get them written in the contract if not already, for example if parents forget anything on a regular basis like winter coats/sunscreen/nappy bags/etc. Or if either are late payers and you don't have a late payment fee (mine is £5 a day), then add one to their contract!

It sounds as though things are running pretty smoothly though which is good!


Shoshable Tue 17-Jul-07 12:40:57

Key I put up my fees in September, if you have schoolies, the parents find it a relief that they haven't had to pay the increase throughout the long summer holiday, (although of course they will the next summer)

kkey21 Tue 17-Jul-07 14:35:38

Thank you for both your replies.
Family 2 will be starting school but we are revising rate in September anyway as i am then only needed 1 day for 2.5 hrs so they suggested they pay me more! Result! I wouldn't do it otherwise as not worth the hassle of in and out the car with 2 little one's.

Family 1-is a baby-so it shouldn't affect them-it will be a year since they started and they barted with my hourly rate as i was new, but they pay the least so feel its only fair that they pay on level with everyone else.

What would you say per hour is a reasonable fee increase? I mind child 1 for 2 days a week...

Shoshable Tue 17-Jul-07 15:32:17

I was increasing 25p per hour bi yearly, but as market forces are putting up the amount alot more than what I charge will be going up 15p yearly.

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