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moving on - thank god!

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Isyhan Wed 11-Jul-07 16:59:58

Well ive finally decided childminding isnt for me. Ive done quite a few jobs in my life but Ive never been treated so badly or taken so much for granted as i have been this last year by parents. So Im now looking for childcare for my daughter and believe you me I will have total respect for anyone who will be looking after my child. I will pay them on time, I will not be sending her with infectious illnesses, when i have to pick her up if she's sick I wont shout at her on the childminders doorstep for making me leave work, I wont walk into the childminders house and start eating fruit out of her fruitbowl without asking, I wont be sending my child to them in the same nappy that he/she sent them home in the night before. I could go on ranting but I wont. Im just relieved it has come to an end.

LoveMyGirls Wed 11-Jul-07 17:01:38

OMG that is alot to put up with! Why do people do it, they wouldn't treat thier own family like it so why do it to us! So sorry (or should that be a huge congrats) that you having to give it up!

Katy44 Wed 11-Jul-07 17:13:04

That all sound terrible, but the nappy thing sounds like neglect! Well done for making the decision, what are you going to do now?

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