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I know I'm ignorant but...what's the difference between nannies/au-pairs/mother's help

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Clayhead Fri 06-Jul-07 18:01:00

I should know this but I don't!

What's the difference between a nanny, mother's help and au pair?

Does a nanny have to be registered? I guess a CRB check is required?

Sorry for my ignorance

GrowlingTiger Fri 06-Jul-07 18:05:51

Nanny can have sole charge in your home. No need to be registered unless you are using childcare vouchers.

A mothers help assists at home, typicaly doens't have sole charge full-time.

An au pair is someone who is trying to learn English and is helping with domestic and childcare duties for no more than 25 hours a week (an au pair plus is allowed to work more). Au pairs will typically be live in, and will get paid pocket money. They are living with you as part of the fmaily so included for famly meals etc (whereas a live-in nanny would probably want to escape from you in the evenings!).

Tutter Fri 06-Jul-07 18:06:39

lots of grey areas i believe

we have just hired a nanny/mothers help - she is not yet qualified, but will be later this year

mothers helps tend to have a broader range of responsibilities than nanny - as their namje suggests they are there to work alongside mums giving all kinds of help. mine will be mostly looking after ds1 but also helping out with my newborn, keeping the house running, etc

sparklesandwine Fri 06-Jul-07 18:19:52

sorry to hijack on this but can i ask how i can find out more about finding a mothers help and how much they charge etc?

GrowlingTiger Fri 06-Jul-07 18:24:04

Depends on where you live - gumtree/agency/post office window. Rates tend to be marginaly less than a nanny's, but it does depend on what the duties are - locally cleaners are £7-8 and nannies are £8-£10, so mothers help will be around £7-8.50. Would talk to an agency about rates becuase they've recently flattened locally (whereas they had been going up annually before).

Agree - lots of grey areas. As all the care is in your home it isn't regulated.

sparklesandwine Fri 06-Jul-07 19:01:51

ok thanks growlingtiger i'll have a look for a local agency

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