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Staff room ---------------On a sunshine friday!!

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mumlove Fri 06-Jul-07 08:17:17

I hope it lasts longer than it has done this week, we will wait and see.
Got toddler group outing today to gus gorillas (soft play), ride on the small train and an ice cream. I will be shattered when we've finished!! Hopefully some of you have sun today.

LoveMyGirls Fri 06-Jul-07 08:33:25

Morning girls!

Dd2 wee'd on the potty! Mindee has been up since 5am gets picked up at 1.30 and mum wants me to keep him awake (usually goes to bed at 12ish) so wish me luck please!!

Off to stay and play in a mo.

saltire Fri 06-Jul-07 08:36:26

DS1 woke up his brother at 4.45am. If he was a toddler then I could understand it, but no, he's 9 and his brother is 7. They have a shared room, but since we moved we have been putting one of them in a the spare room to sleep on weeknight. DS1 wakes early, whereas he will go to sleep within 10 minutes of going to bed. DS2 can still be awake an hour after going to bed, but will sleep longer - if his brother lets him.
Thank goodness I've got no mindees, I can lie on the sofa and watch the Taggart I sky plused the other night

Shoshable Fri 06-Jul-07 08:37:05

hi ml we have dgd sports day and bandofmothers is coming for the weekend today

saltire Fri 06-Jul-07 08:37:28

In fact DS2 is currently sittingin the living room, in his PJ's. Should I take him to school in them? Or do what I usually do and end up dressing him?

Shoshable Fri 06-Jul-07 08:55:10

send him to school in them

CMneedingadvice Fri 06-Jul-07 09:05:05

Hello, I am remaining in disguise to post this as I don't want to slip up and use my regular name by mistake - please will you lovely ladies help me out on my CM club thread here


crace Fri 06-Jul-07 09:08:14

PJ's sooo much more comfy!

Not a great start to the day, both mindee and dd are teething, are crabby. I have a playdate this am to go to and am sure that I will be returning quite early.

And I am crabby - by Friday I am usually so wiped out that I can't really muster up the excitement. Is it the same for everyone, or am I just a miserable cow? Please tell me if I am - wondering if I am not cut out for this!

crace Fri 06-Jul-07 09:08:15

PJ's sooo much more comfy!

Not a great start to the day, both mindee and dd are teething, are crabby. I have a playdate this am to go to and am sure that I will be returning quite early.

And I am crabby - by Friday I am usually so wiped out that I can't really muster up the excitement. Is it the same for everyone, or am I just a miserable cow? Please tell me if I am - wondering if I am not cut out for this!

saltire Fri 06-Jul-07 09:09:05

Shosha, I've done that more than once. We actually live across the road from the school, so I can see the playground from where I'm sitting now. The playground was empty by the time we got there.

MaureenMLove Fri 06-Jul-07 09:33:26

Morning all! Question for the day... DD is doing sports day. She's in one race, doesn't really want to do it. She's in the sack race. Year 6 girls and their little boobs realy shouldn't do sack races imho, but hey oh. Anyway, its a really windy day and there are going to be 45 races. (yawn). DD is in one. (about 45 seconds long). She said, without me mentioning any of the above, you don't have to come if you don't want to, really, I'm not bothered. And I could tell she really wasn't bothered. Do I go anyway or not? Starts at 10. the clock is ticking.......

crace Fri 06-Jul-07 12:21:57

Mo - sorry just got back in.. .what did you decide to do?

In a better mood, had a nice visit out and girls had a good time.

MaureenMLove Fri 06-Jul-07 13:10:13

I did go. She was in race 46 of 48! Did manage to get a cup of tea though while I waited! Are you going to nip over the Canterbury to watch the tour de france on Sunday Crace? Its going passed us at about 9.30, so we're gonna watch then have a bbq.

Piksiminx Fri 06-Jul-07 13:14:57

Oh crace, I feel like that at the moment. Having problems with my own DDs and to top it off today my mindees (both nearly3) have done nothing but argue,bicker and fight, couldn't summons up the energy to go out, today is the only day that we stay in besides which it's been raining on and off and I'm sick of changing wet clothes every time we go out. So today mindee one is going home with a big scratch down her face courtesy of mindee2. I know both are tired so I've just put them to bed. Tis Hennie by the way with a new name.

mogs0 Fri 06-Jul-07 13:22:04

Crace - By friday I am fit for nothing! Infact often by Wednesday I'm pretty knackered!! I frequently wonder whether I should have a complete career change. But, then I see my mindees cheery faces every morning, excited to be coming to spend the day with me I guess that is testament enough that I'm not putting them through torture everyday!!

After a 10 hour CM day yesterday ds and I went to nanny for 2 children. Everyone was in bed asleep by 7.30pm, phew, coz I was knackered!! I was asleep by 9.30 (even missed half of BB) but woken at midnight because one of the children's nappies had leaked so I had to change him and his bed. My ds woke up at 5am and it took me 30 mins of telling him I'd get up in a min before I realised how early it was and sent him back to bed. I HATE being woken up (esp at 5am!!).

Charge decided to have a mother of all tantrums at 8am so we left early to take him and his sis to nursery. He cheered up half way there so we had a lovely walk to nursery then took ds to school.

I have done 3 loads of washing, made flapjacks and now going to pack for the weekend. Ds and I are off to the Grand Prix tomorrow!! V excited!!

Hope everyone's days are improving!

MaureenMLove Fri 06-Jul-07 13:22:04

I had a day like that yesterday! I have 3 boys of 7, 8 & 11 after school and they are a nightmare. the 8& 11 are brothers and wind each other constantly and the 7 year old, thinks they're wonderful and tries to join in, but because he's a little bit smaller he always ends up getting the hump, because the game isn't going his way. It doesn't matter what I set them to, they always do it at 1000 decibels and are always boistrous. Thank god the 11 year old won't be back in September!

Piksiminx Fri 06-Jul-07 13:30:29

Ha, mindee2's mum just collected, mindee1 asleep, just going to clean the mess they made in the bathroom then I'm going to eat CHOCOLATE!!!

mumlove Fri 06-Jul-07 13:43:34

Thank goodness for coffee. Mindee is asleep after our toddler group outing and I feel like I could go to bed but at least we will miss most of the rush to collect my DD from school as today she has gone to try funky dancing afterschool club.
Still had no rain here yet today but it's very windy and get horrible dark clouds come over.

MML how did your DD get on in her race?

Rubybees Fri 06-Jul-07 13:50:16

Had a lazy morning 1 mindie seems to be having a cold coming on and slept from 9.30-11 and now back in bed (16 months!). Played with mindie 2 with ELC houses this morning but couldn't move my legs after!!!..

After lunch (collect dd 2) from creche and did some painting as we have won a years subcription of the new Charlie and lola mag and came with some painting bits also got a dvd and book

now got a headache but it's friday yippeee

LoveMyGirls Fri 06-Jul-07 13:58:10

Mindee has gone home, i feel shattered! Absolutly shattered, think it's because i've worked all week while in much pain with teeth and its all catching up with me!

Managed to keep mindee awake and have written down some tips i found about the 5am waking thing, hope she takes them and tries them and doesnt think i'm an interfering cow!

Dd2 had an accident on the floor but nevermind. Anyone any experience of half potty training or is it just a waste of time?

crace Fri 06-Jul-07 14:08:53

LMG - how old is your daughter? I am of the "they will do it when they are ready" and not a second before but I am not an expert by any stretch.

Mo - how did she do

Henni- can I have some choc too??? Please??

Mogs, wow busy you!

Mindee just left, playdate was fun -went well and my dd is still asleep. School fete this weekend which fab, they do a great one with a beer tent and all. Live music - it's truely fab.

Then I am out to our local with a couple of girls from the village for a few. We don't get to go out until after bedtime, so meet up about 9pm until the first one falls asleep usually. We are old

LoveMyGirls Fri 06-Jul-07 14:14:49

Crace she is 22mths (which is why i'm not seriously training her just sometimes if we are in the house and i feel i have the patience for it i let her wander about nekkid or before she has a bath. I just thought if she gets used to it from a fairly young age when i want her to really go for it she will have some clue as to what i'm expecting. I think she is showing some signs of reddiness like she will tell me when shes wet, she will go and lie on the mat when she wants to be changed, she will sit on the potty happily for a fair while and yesterday at toddlers she asked for the toilet (i was aboutt o go and change her anyway so thought why not so sat her on but nothing but it seems she may be getting the idea?)

Mil is nagging me saying her 3rd child was in pants all the time by 12mths and one of her friends ds's was trained by 15mths etc etc so this half arsed attempt is to stop me getting nagged - dp is on her side btw as it is not him who is cleaning up wee but knows how much nappies cost!

Piksiminx Fri 06-Jul-07 14:17:16

Crace, here, I've got some milk tray which DD1 brought for her dads birthday, he won't notice if any are missingor a bar of fruit and nut? help yourself. Well, I've cleaned the bathroom, just about to tidy all the toys away as mindee will sleep until it's time for the school run, home and then chance for a quick snack before it's off to swimming lessons.

LMG. Mindee 2 is potty training at the mo, keeps peeing on the floor, ask why and all i get is "dunno, cos I felt like it" this is coming from someone who is dry all the time when we're out at toddlers, trips out etc

crace Fri 06-Jul-07 14:25:50

12 and 15 months?? I am not sure if I believe that! My daughter, 18 months is nowhere near ready nor do I expect it anytime soon. I let her run around nekkid to just for awareness sakes, and we have hardwood floors so not bothered by wee everywhere. She has to understand what comes out first surely..?

Tell them to potty train her!

Fruit and nut chocco please!

Piksiminx Fri 06-Jul-07 14:31:27

Fruit and nut coming up....

LMGs none of my girls were ready before two an a half and both mindees that I have/am training have been nearer 3.

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