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Best care option for a 1 year old - advise please.......

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gratexpectations Thu 05-Jul-07 13:05:18

Does anyone have view on the best care option for a 1 year old???

We were thinking nanny but a wondering if there are other alternatives to look at??

crace Thu 05-Jul-07 13:35:49

I am not sure to be honest, what are you looking for? A nanny would be at your home, and you would be the employer (paying NI and tax etc); there is nursery/day care facility; or to a childminder which is childcare provided in the childcarers home.

I would say that all have their own advantages..

I am a childminder - I look after under 2's on various rotas now. My own dd is 18 months and the advantage for parents sending their children here are that they all know each other when the go to toddler groups and etc. We are in a small village so the little ones I watch all get on really well - it's been fantastic really.

ruddynorah Thu 05-Jul-07 13:40:13

totally depends. how long is the childcare for? full days? full time? a couple of mornings?

dd is 13 months, she goes to a nursery 2 afternoons a week and has a fab time. some people prefer a childminder for young children because it's like home from home. others prefer nurseries because they are dedicated to entertaining children of the same age, ie no need for school runs, supermarket trips, putting the washing on.. or whatever else the childminder might need to do on any given day. also, of course, you could get a nanny, ideal if you want your child to have one to one care in your own home, may even prove cheaper than full time daycare in some instances, just depends what you want from your nanny, and if you're prepared to basically be an employer and have the person in your home.

ThePrisoner Thu 05-Jul-07 20:42:40

Please don't assume that childminders do their own housework during their working day. My housework and shopping get done evening/weekends, like any other working mum!

CMneedingadvice Thu 05-Jul-07 20:45:34


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