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CM CLub - Which tandem buggy is best? Duo lite / Marco / Phil & Ted?

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Booh Wed 04-Jul-07 14:40:54

I need to buy a new double tandem buggy - it has to be a tandem so that I can get it in and out of the local shop and DD's nursery!

Which is the best?

Should I spend masses and buy a P&T?

The marco sky looked good but I think I would be too short (5ft5) to push it as it is 115cm tall - but the duo lite is heavier (and about £50 more expensive?

Masses of thanks


MrsPuddleduck Wed 04-Jul-07 15:43:22

Phil and Ted if you can afford it as you can use it for any combination of ages and as a single. The back seat comes off really easily if you just have one child.

Have you looked on ebay?

Jackmummy Wed 04-Jul-07 17:47:26

I have the graco stadium duo and I love it. I only paid £85 for it new, although rrps for £140... but if you look enough online you can always find a bargain!
Back seat goes totally flat and the front reclines slightly. I've also had the maclaren twin traveller and its much lighter and easier to push than that. Also you can fit the graco carseat on either the front or back, which is fab when I have LO's.
I always wander about the lower seat on a phil and teds for an older child... would be interested to know if a child beyond 6m is as happy down there as in any other buggy?

kkey21 Wed 04-Jul-07 18:35:09

Hi Booh, i have a P+T and it has been fantastic but will soon be upgrading to triple and i whave been thinking about putting it on Ebay as they really do hold their value. Mine is charcoal grey, it comes with the doubles seat, the raincovers, adaptors and if interested the baby cocoon that has never been used (still has tags!). Where abouts are you? I am in hertfordshire. If interested we could meet up. My email is

mogs0 Wed 04-Jul-07 19:19:34

Highly recommend the Phil and Teds. I got a new one off ebay for a lot less than the rrp. They've brought out a new version so the old one should be even cheaper.

I also use a Jane powertwin which is more comfy for a younger child on a long walk. I got this off ebay too, 2nd hand. It's heavier than the phil and teds but more comfy for the babies and I can fit a buggyboard on the back!!

Rubybees Wed 04-Jul-07 19:23:18

I've a P&Ts and love it I find that they all want to go into the back seat!! Very sad to only be using the front seat most of the time now as the one child 21/2 aqnd my on dd nearly 3

but at least I have a great single too

Shoshable Wed 04-Jul-07 19:29:56

Boo the Marco Sky is fine heightwise for me and Im only 5'1''

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