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developmental list

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shipmates Wed 04-Jul-07 14:22:52

I am looking after a 5 month old baby and thought it might be nice to keep a record of achievements/things i have done for the first time, to give to mum as a keepsake. I have started a list but wandered if anyone had any suggestions. I have the usual ones like first time rolled, sat, went in a swing,etc.

fifilou Wed 04-Jul-07 14:26:51

i keep a diary of my charges days and have done for almost 7 years...its a great keepsake.

I write it as if they were writing it so for we went to the park and * managed to get right up high on the climbing frame...........

When they were babies, i would write.......

today we played with my toys and i managed to roll right over to reach my teddy.

its a great way of communicating too, i write what theyve eaten, drank, and how theyve been generally. I also stick in little tickets to places we have visited.

(even swimming ones form when they were tiny!)

Shoshable Wed 04-Jul-07 14:26:59

ahoyyyy shipmates

fifilou Wed 04-Jul-07 14:28:44

shosh!!!!!!!!!!!! your so rude!!!!!!

Shoshable Wed 04-Jul-07 17:00:36

FiFi, shipmates was at one time going to be my DIL!!!!!!! so Im always rude to her

Anyway anyone got any answers for her?

ThePrisoner Wed 04-Jul-07 21:18:43

Just to throw a spanner in the works, I don't think you should ever say that you have seen something for the first time, particularly for major milestones like rolling over.

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